Demand an independent inquiry into the future of Exxonmobil’s Mossmorran plant

Above Fife, a fire is burning, causing misery for local communities, and lighting up the sky so brightly that it can be seen as far away as the Borders.

This is Mossmorran, an Exxonmobil petrochemical plant that makes the components single-use plastics. Mossmorran is part of a fossil fuel complex that is the second biggest climate polluter in Scotland, and it’s now so old that it its experiencing multiple failures that lead to endless flaring.

Women's Pledge

We pledge to support women in the Green movement by focusing on dismantling capitalism and patriarchy. We recognise that women’s leadership is key to tackling climate change.

Reopen the Dunfermline to Alloa Railway

Historically there has been strong social, economic and family ties between Clackmannanshire and West Fife, but our current public transport system doesn’t reflect that. There is only one bus an hour between Dunfermline to Alloa, taking over an hour to complete its journey, and this seriously impacts people’s options for where the work or study or how people visit the area.

Demand Climate Action - Vote Scottish Greens on 12 December

The Scottish Greens are the only party that have a plan that would tackle the climate emergency.

Our Green New Deal would transform the economy, create hundreds of thousands of jobs in green industries, and slash emissions.

It would give everyone in Scotland a warm, zero-carbon and affordable home, and make us a world leader in manufacturing and installing renewable energy. These are skills we can export across the world.

The future of our planet is at stake.

Demand climate action - vote Scottish Greens on December 12

Loch Lomond: Keep The Land In Public Hands

Scottish Enterprise should scrap exclusivity agreement with Flamingo Land and give residents a chance to bring the site into community ownership.

We need a Scottish Green New Deal

The Green New Deal was first proposed over a decade ago following the credit crunch. The idea was to deliver a massive mobilisation of financial resources behind renewable energy to create jobs and lift living standards. More recently, progressive Democrats in the US, led by Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey, proposed a Green New Deal. This has inspired similar proposals here in Scotland, the UK and beyond. The term “New Deal” originates from the programme launched by President Roosevelt in the 1930s to lift the US out of the Great Depression.

Protect Scotland’s wild foxes and hares

The bill proposes proper licensing for any control of foxes or hares, which would stop the widespread killing of hares on grousemoors and elsewhere.

Alison said: “I’d like to win better protection for all of Scotland’s wild animals, but my proposed bill is an achievable way to start.

“I’m confident that when MSPs look at what parliament voted for in 2002, compare what the public expected to happen then and what is still going on now, they will support my bill.”

Vote for the Safer Streets Bill

The Safer Streets Bill makes one simple change. It switches the default speed limit in urban areas to 20mph. Here’s ten reasons why we should do it:

  1. ScotGov’s target is for of 10% of journeys to be by walking and cycling by 2020, but we’re currently at 1%

  2. Wales has already committed to make the switch, and London is rolling twenty out too.

  3. Bristol Council estimate that their 20mph roll out saved 4 lives a year. Imagine if we rolled that out across the whole of Scotland.

End the scarring of Scotland’s hills with hunting tracks

For a long time, key organisations, such as Ramblers Scotland, RSPB, the National Trust for Scotland and Mountaineering Scotland, have campaigned against the destruction of hillsides by bulldozers and heavy machinery for the purposes of field sports.

The introduction of the Planning (Scotland) Bill has been the perfect means to bring these developments into the planning system. Regrettably, however, SNP and Conservative MSPs chose to bow to vested interests rather than support our amendment.

Back the Safer Streets Bill

Did you know that road accidents are the largest preventable cause of death to young people in the UK?

In 2015 road accidents in Britain killed 145 people aged 10-19 and left 3,166 seriously injured. That’s why Mark Ruskell MSP is fighting for a Safer Streets Bill that will reduce the speed limit on the roads where we live, work and play to 20mph.

Back A Climate Emergency Bill

A Climate Emergency Bill

The Scottish Greens will be leading the charge in Holyrood to transform this lacklustre Bill into a Climate Emergency Bill that delivers:

  1. A long-term target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

  2. An ambitious interim target of 80% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030

  3. A radical ten-point plan of actions, to be taken within one year of the Bill passing.

Keep Scotland in Europe

Scotland looks set to leave the European Union, but not by choice.

We voted to Remain and in big numbers, but it wasn’t enough to outweigh votes in the rest of the UK seeking to drag Scotland out of the EU.

It’s not over though. We must preserve our relationship with Europe, and we can only do this if the political parties in Scotland show leadership and work together.

HELP SAVE LOCH LOMOND - Say no to Flamingo Land in Balloch

Flamingo Land, best known for a Yorkshire Theme Park, have applied for planning permission for a development on the shores of Loch Lomond. The developer's own Environmental Impact Assessments states that there will be damage to ancient woodland, pollution of standing and running water, red squirrel and otter fatalities and more, all for for the construction of woodland lodges, treetop walkways, a hotel, restaurant, brewery, a monorail and much more, all to be built on what is currently public land but which will be sold off to the developer.

Allow Edinburgh City Council To Raise a 'Tourist Tax'

It’s August and festival time in Edinburgh.

Our capital city welcomes the world and we want to make the most of this opportunity.

Edinburgh City Council wants to raise a transient visitor levy, or tourist tax, of a couple of pounds per-room per-night that every visitor pays, to raise millions of pounds in revenue for local culture and the infrastructure that residents and visitors use. Sadly, the Scottish Government is blocking the plan.

Tell Westminster to respect the powers of the Scottish Parliament

The UK Government is trying to undermine Scotland and the will of the Scottish people.

Theresa May's cabinet of chaos is using the UK Supreme Court in a bid to squash emergency plans drawn up and passed by the Scottish Parliament. Tell them to drop this attack on devolution.

Tell Scottish councils to stop investing in Trump's detention camps

When Donald Trump visited Scotland, we united to say 'No' to his racist, anti-immigrant, fear-mongering politics.

However, your tax money is currently being used by Scottish council pension funds to invest around £65million in companies linked to Donald Trump's detention camps where refugees are held, with children being seperated from their parents and kept in cages.

Dump Trump!

Trump is coming.

On Friday 13th (yes, seriously...) July he will arrive in the UK and all indications are that he will come to Scotland. With your help we will be ready for him. This will be not only the biggest demonstration in years but a festival celebrating everything we love and he hates about modern Scotland.

Make sure you can join us.

NO MORE DELAY! Back our petition to re-dual the Milngavie Rail Line.

Ross Greer MSP and Dunbartonshire Greens are campaigning to redouble the line between Westerton and Milngavie and to build the long-proposed Allander Station.

Call on the Scottish Government: Protect Our Communities From Nuclear Convoys

Up to eight times a year a convoy of heavy trucks carrying high explosives and nuclear warheads crosses the country to the Royal Navy armaments depot at Coulport.

If you live in any of these council areas then the convoy could be passing near you:

We believe everyone in Scotland should have access to better buses.

Better service, better value, and better for the environment

Three quarters of public transport journeys in Scotland are by bus and buses are a vital link for people going to work, to school and college, to the hospital or shops or to visit friends and family. Yet many people are faced with cuts to routes, poor service and fare hikes. 

A recent Citizen’s Advice Scotland report has shown:

Don’t let Brexit blow a hole in Scotland’s environment

Brexit will blow a hole in Scotland’s environment and animal welfare safeguards, and current plans don’t fill the gap.

Over the last 40 years, core environmental protections, like air quality, have been developed and enforced by EU law. Without strong ways to enforce these laws in Scotland, our environment is left at serious risk after Brexit.

Scottish Greens are calling on Holyrood to make sure Scotland has the means to protect its environment and safeguard animal welfare.

Join us in making that call today!

It's time for a real ban on fox hunting in Scotland #forfoxsake

Join the Scottish Greens campaign for a real ban on fox hunting in Scotland.

In Scotland, around 800 foxes are killed by hunts every year. One in five foxes are killed by packs of hounds.

The laws, created in 2002, to stop hunting with dogs have not succeeded. 

Because of this, the Scottish Government has been consulting on closing some loopholes. But the option of a full ban is not on the table.

Homes First

The growth in short term lets is out of control in Edinburgh and of increasing concern across Scotland. The conversion of much-needed and valued residential property to commercial letting is happening with virtually no effective regulation or oversight and is causing significant distress to residents. Homes First is a campaign to resist the commercial forces that are being unleashed by the expansion of short term letting, to uphold the value of the homes and communities we live in, and to demand reform in housing and planning law so that homes come first.

Healthy Minds Healthy Students

Every young person deserves the best education possible. Unfortunately many pupils are struggling with their mental health. All too often, they have no idea where to begin finding the support they need.

It's vital that young people have the tools to support their own mental health and wellbeing, and to support each other. These tools should be given to all pupils as a core part of their education. We can make that happen right now.

Flight tax justice - take action

This consultation is closed

The Scottish Parliament now has the power to set aviation tax. The SNP government propose to cut it. Their plans will leave Scotland with £700 million less for public services and irrevocably damage the environment. Take action today.

Flight tax justice

Research using the airline industry’s own data shows, cutting aviation tax is a tax cut for the wealthy.

The Scottish Parliament now has the power to set aviation tax. The SNP government propose to cut it. Their plans will leave Scotland with £700 million less for public services and irrevocably damage the environment.

Safer Streets Consultation

20mph speed limits reduce traffic speed making our streets safer, healthier and cleaner in areas where we live, work and play.

Reducing speed cuts accidents and saves lives, while encouraging walking and cycling and lowering air pollution.

However, there is currently an incomplete patchwork of 20mph zones across Scotland as the process for creating discrete 20mph zones remains costly and time-consuming for councils.

Mark Ruskell MSP is now consulting on a Members Bill to change the default speed limit in built up areas across Scotland from 30mph to 20mph.

Scotland needs a Green Voice at Westminster

Our Future Is Green

During the next parliament, a huge number of the social and environmental protections which have been achieved within the European Union will be transferred to the UK, where many Conservatives are openly calling for a bonfire of regulations. This will literally put people’s lives on the line.

Greens led the way in achieving much of what’s now at risk, from capping bankers’ bonuses to controlling toxic chemicals. We need a Green voice to stand up for these protections.

Our Manifesto for Glasgow City Council

It is no accident that Glasgow has been voted the world's friendliest city by many of its visitors. From its people to its architecture to its culture to its history, Glasgow stands out as a city of warmth, creativity and great experiences. Our city welcomes refugees, offers glorious parks and green spaces for its residents, and has world-famous museums and arts venues. It has a renowned industrial heritage, vibrant business sectors such as engineering, life sciences and digital and creative industries, and world-class universities.

#PowerInYourHands - Scottish Greens Local Manifesto 2017

It has never been more important to put power in your hands. This election has given us huge opportunities and huge challenges. The Councillors elected in 2017 are faced with the challenge of meeting the demands of a hugely energised democracy in Scotland.

Greens are committed to meeting that challenge by placing power in your hands, by providing the money that councils need to run their services, and by making sure that you, as a citizen and as a community, have the opportunity to play a greater role in the decisions that matter to your life.

Safer Streets

20mph speed limits reduce traffic speed making our streets safer, healthier and cleaner in areas where we live, work and play.

Reducing speed cuts accidents and saves lives, while encouraging walking and cycling and lowering air pollution.

However there is currently an incomplete patchwork of 20mph zones across Scotland as the process for creating discrete 20mph zones remains costly and time-consuming for councils.

Councils could keep some streets with higher speed limits in consultation with communities, but these would be the exception rather than the rule.


This is our biggest ever Council campaign, aiming to make a positive difference in more Council Chambers across Scotland.

More voters than ever will have the chance to elect Green Councillors, with over 200 candidates due to contest May’s Council elections, more than double the 80 who stood for the party in 2012.

The Greens are looking to build on existing councillor numbers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeenshire, Midlothian and Stirling, and are confident of electing the party’s first councillors in many of Scotland’s remaining 27 local authorities.

Support #GreenYes for a progressive, internationalist, independent Scotland.

Scotland's votes and our voice have been ignored by Tory governments at Westminster.

#ScotRef is our opportunity to build a progressive, internationalist independent Scotland.

#GreenYes is the home for those who believe in a bold, progressive vision for independence.

Fracking should have no place in Scotland’s future. #KeepItInTheGround

Fracking is unsafe, unnecessary and completely incompatible with our climate change targets. Scottish Greens have opposed it from the start. Green MSPs first proposed a ban in May 2014 but at the time all other parties disagreed. After years of campaigning, fracking was successfully banned in Scotland in October 2017.

Blog: How Scotland Can Ban Fracking

Tell the Scottish Government to #KeepItInTheGround

Use this page to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the future of fracking in Scotland.

In November 2016, the Government published independent research on the impacts of fracking on our health, economy and communities. There is clear evidence that extracting unconventional fossil fuels will threaten our environments and endanger the health of those living near to fracking sites. Extracting more fossil fuels will make it harder to meet climate targets.

Fans First - Back fans' Right to Buy their clubs.

In 2011 Green MSPs were elected on a promise to campaign for a football fans' right to buy their club. In 2015 our campaign took to a massive step forward when Holyrood gave the Scottish Government the power to do exactly that.

Now Ministers are consulting on whether or not to use this power. This is your chance to tell them why you support fan ownership.

The Green MSPs back fan ownership because:

Our railways, back in public ownership

The privatisation of our railways was possibly the single greatest mistake in the history of public transport in the UK.

Combined with the closure of so many lines we have been left with one of the worst rail networks in Europe. When profit is put ahead of improving services it is no surprise that services are not improving. By taking our railways back into public ownership we will be able to reduce fares, improve accessibility and increase services.

A better Scotland needs a bolder Holyrood.

We believe that Scotland can unlock the power that our communities need, in jobs, health and the economy.

We believe that the Scottish Parliament can be so much bolder in meeting the ambitions of the people of Scotland. 

The Scottish Greens have the people and the policies to make that happen. Our candidates have a solid track record of making a difference inside and outside Parliament.