It is clear Westminster is not working for Scotland. Our campaign to build a fair, progressive, independent country will continue. Join us.

As an independent nation can we deliver a fairer, greener and better future for people and for planet.

With the powers to decide our own destiny we will:

  • Tackle the climate crisis
  • Face down the cost of living emergency
  • Ensure a fairer more equal country

We have already set out our vision of what an independent Scotland should look like prioritising climate, well-being and equality.

Scotland’s democratic right to self determination has never been clearer. So we are asking for your support to make that happen.

Donate to our independence fund, and help us to mobilise our teams, activists and campaigns all across Scotland.

The Green Yes movement is growing by the day so join now and make sure Scotland’s voice is heard in London, Brussels and beyond.

A fairer, greener Scotland is possible.

Seize the chance to play your part.

Support our campaign for a fairer, greener, Independent Scotland

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