The Monarchy is an outdated and fundamentally undemocratic institution. With a new King on the throne, this is exactly the time to question and challenge the system of hereditary privilege and build a proper democracy.

We are in a cost of living crisis, with households and families all over our country struggling with extortionate bills and soaring costs, At the same time, the UK government spent £100 million pounds on an elaborate celebration for an institution we have never voted for and that many feel increasingly alienated from.

Scotland can be a modern and democratic republic with an elected and accountable head of state. We can be a fairer, greener country where power and sovereignty lies with the people and where the public wealth held by the crown, from land to palaces, is used for community benefit.

Independence would give us the powers and the opportunity to do things differently and to tackle the inequality that is so prevalent.

Independent countries all across the Commonwealth are reconsidering their relationship with Monarchy. It is time for us to do the same.

Support our campaign to abolish the monarchy!

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