Giving people the opportunity to share their journey from No to Yes

Sun 18 Sep, 2016


To mark the 2nd anniversary of the independence referendum, the Scottish Greens today (18 Sep) launch a new campaign - - to give people who voted No in 2014 an opportunity to tell the story of why they have since changed their mind to support independence.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Greens said:

My journey from No to Yes

Claire Miller Sun 18 Sep, 2016

People take me for Scottish because of my Borders accent, my cultural norms, and my peely-wally skin. But as with most folk, my nationality is more complex than meets the eye. My family are all from England and I was born in the north west of England, but I was raised in Scotland and don’t remember living anywhere else. 

Growing up a Borders lass, I was used to going back and forth from Berwickshire (in Scotland) to Berwick (in England), and I feel really strongly that emphasising the line between two countries does more to divide than unite them. 

Harvie: "The case for Scotland retaining its relationship with the EU inevitably changes the case for independence"

Patrick Harvie MSP Fri 16 Sep, 2016

Readers of the National are unlikely to need a reminder that Sunday marks the second anniversary of Scotland’s independence referendum (perhaps to be known in future as Scotland’s first independence referendum).

With 20mph zones we can have safe streets & cut our transport emissions

Thu 15 Sep, 2016

Mark Ruskell MSP, Climate Change spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (15 Sep) urged the First Minister to get behind the principle of rolling out 20 mph zones in residential areas in an effort to meet gaps in her Government's climate action plan.

This week the UK Committee on Climate Change highlighted that emissions from transport are holding Scotland back and that there are zero actions in the Scottish Government’s climate action plan to address this.

Hinkley is a total waste of public money

Thu 15 Sep, 2016

Responding to news that the UK Government has given the go ahead for a new £18bn nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset, Mark Ruskell MSP, Energy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

Green support helps secure mountain weather service

Thu 15 Sep, 2016

The future of Scotland’s mountain weather forecasting service has been secured, less than 48 hours after concerns were raised by a Green MSP at Holyrood.

Free movement of people must be “redline” issue warns Green MSP

Wed 14 Sep, 2016

The Scottish Government must make the free movement of people from the UK to the EU, and vice versa, a redline issue in Brexit negotiations with the Westminster government according to a Green MSP.

Ross Greer MSP told the Scottish Parliament that if a free movement guarantee could not be given by the Conservative government, then Scotland must urgently consider seeking its own, independent EU membership.

On Additional Support Needs, parents must be listened to

Wed 14 Sep, 2016

Ross Greer MSP, Education spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today highlighted the need to prioritise Additional Support Needs in the effort to close the attainment gap.

At today's meeting of Holyrood's Education Committee, Mr Greer drew attention to figures showing an Additional Support Needs ‘postcode lottery’, with neighbouring local authorities recording very different proportions of pupils receiving help.

Rather than leaving housing to industry, we must intervene

Tue 13 Sep, 2016

Andy Wightman MSP, Housing spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, used today's Holyrood debate on housing to urge Scottish Ministers to stop developers inflating the cost of land.

The Green amendment for today's debate - not selected by the Presiding Officer - highlighted the fact that land values rise when infrastructure is built or planning permission is given, and by capturing this value, more and better homes can be built.

Small-scale farmers & organic producers need certainty

Tue 13 Sep, 2016

Mark Ruskell MSP, Food & Farming spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today urged Scottish Ministers to end the uncertainty facing farmers who carry out environmentally-sustainable practices.

In response to a question in Parliament from Mr Ruskell on continuing delays to Common Agricultural Policy payments, Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing claimed that providing certainty over "agri-environment" payments was "literally impossible" due to lack of clarity from the UK Government in light of the Brexit vote.