Harper: growth of Greens will deliver for Scotland

Sun 7 Nov, 2010

For immediate release 6 November 2010

The UK's first Green Parliamentarian today hailed his party's successes and promised a determined and distinctive election campaign in his last address to party conference as an MSP. Robin Harper - who spearheaded the Scottish Greens' growth from the mid-1980s to become a permanent and potent force in Scottish politics - will stand down from Parliament in 2011.

Minimum price for alcohol backed by Green Conference

Sun 7 Nov, 2010

For immediate release 6 November 2010

Current proposals from the Scottish Government for a minimum price for alcohol were today endorsed by the Scottish Green Party Conference, and delegates also urged Ministers to work with their counterparts in Westminster and Europe to secure cooperation on pricing.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Record attendance due at Scottish Green Party Conference

Fri 5 Nov, 2010

For immediate release 5 November 2010

Greens slam Lib Dem renewable energy stance

Thu 28 Oct, 2010

For immediate release 28 October 2010

Green MSP Patrick Harvie today attacked the LibDems for backing the UK government's proposals for renewable energy in Scotland. The Westminster coalition has announced

Greens urge Parliament to back marriage equality

Tue 19 Oct, 2010

For immediate release 19 October 2010

Green MSP Patrick Harvie today predicted the Scottish Parliament would back marriage equality during Holyrood's next session. He has this week lodged a motion welcoming the moves by other parties to support full equality, including allowing heterosexual couples to enter into civil partnerships instead of marriage if they wish.

A poll conducted for the Greens earlier this year showed that equality is now overwhelmingly popular - 58% of Scots supported the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry if they wish to, with just 19% opposed.

Coalition parties to join SNP climate climbdown today

Thu 7 Oct, 2010

For immediate release 7 October 2010

The Lib Dems are today expected to join their Conservative colleagues and SNP Ministers in voting for new and inadequate climate targets today. The regulations proposed today would see climate emissions reduced by an average of just over 0.25% per annum over the next three years. These represent an improvement on the original targets proposed in May, but still do not come close to the reductions the science requires, nor are they even a tenth of the way towards the SNP's 2007 manifesto pledge.

Land Value Tax - Greens back pick and mix taxes for Councils

Thu 7 Oct, 2010

For immediate release 4 October 2010

Local councils could be given a choice of taxes to use, the Green MSPs today suggested, following the publication today of a report on Land Value Tax by Andy Wightman. Land Value Tax remains the Greens' preferred alternative to Council Tax or Local Income Tax, but the party today proposes a radical devolution of power to local government, allowing councils to choose from a mix of taxes instead of simply switching from one universal model to another.

Land Value Tax research values Scottish land at £120bn

Mon 4 Oct, 2010

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Greens attack Government decision on deepwater drilling

Fri 1 Oct, 2010

For immediate release 1st October 2010

The Scottish Green Party has attacked today's decision by the UK government to grant the oil company Chevron permission to begin deepwater exploratory drilling in the waters west of Shetland. (1)

Harvie presses Salmond to back deepwater moratorium

Thu 30 Sep, 2010

For immediate release 30 September 2010