Greens welcome Labour move on Living Wage

Mon 27 Sep, 2010

For immediate release 27 September 2010

The pressure is now on the SNP to act on low wages in the public sector, Greens argued, following today's announcement by the leader of Labour in the Scottish Parliament, Iain Gray, that the party would would back a

Doctor who?

comms Fri 24 Sep, 2010

If you are a celebrity or very rich, it isn't too difficult to get an honorary degree nowadays. No matter how otherwise undeserving you may be, some institution somewhere will reckon that it can get some free publicity out of awarding you a doctorate. In today's world, this counts as good PR and nobody very much is offended if the recipient hasn't really done anything to justify the degree being given.

Clean up at Cramond

comms Thu 23 Sep, 2010

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) hold a Beachwatch Big Weekend every year in September, which I have enjoyed attending at Cramond in previous years.

This year was no exception, and on Saturday I joined volunteers at Cramond beach to sift through marine litter and clean up this beautiful site.
Now more than ever we must focus on the conservation of our coastlines. As government legislation kicks in over the next few years it is important that the pressure is kept up to make seas and beaches cleaner.

Greens reject apathetic Holyrood climate consensus

Thu 23 Sep, 2010

For immediate release 23 September 2010

Today's Holyrood debate on a Low Carbon Economy showed two clear divides between the various parties, Greens argued. First, Labour backed a Conservative amendment supporting new nuclear power, a move which would be costly, dangerous, unsustainable and unpopular, but this amendment was rejected. Second, MSPs rejected a Green amendment which set out several basic policy changes essential if we are to move to a low carbon economy.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Greens call for Scotland to go 100 percent plus renewable

Thu 23 Sep, 2010

For immediate release 23 September 2010

Annual targets SNP reveal climate cop-out

Wed 22 Sep, 2010

For immediate release 22 September 2010

The Scottish Green MSPs today confirmed that they will oppose the SNP administration's latest climate targets (1) when they come before Parliament. In 2007 the SNP's manifesto pledged emissions reductions of 3% a year - six times higher than the 0.5% target they propose for next year, and ten times higher than the mere 0.3% 2012 target they wish to set.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:


comms Tue 21 Sep, 2010

Fans of the TV face of ‘real food’, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, will remember his recent promotion of the Landshare concept, in which people are encouraged to sign up if they have the time and energy to grow food but nowhere to do it, or if they have land for growing but need some willing helpers to make it happen.

Greens welcome Greenpeace deepwater drilling protest

Tue 21 Sep, 2010

For immediate release 21 September 2010

The Green MSPs today supported Greenpeace's decision to take peaceful direct action against a Chevron oil rig, blocking an attempt by the company to drill a deepwater well off Shetland.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

"Greenpeace's courageous intervention in Shetland today is a welcome reminder to politicians in other parties that the environmental movement will never stop holding them to account. This new round of deepwater drilling is both environmentally and economically reckless, and it must be stopped.

Scottish Greens announce first 2011 Holyrood candidates

Thu 9 Sep, 2010

The Scottish Greens today announced the party's top candidates for next May's Holyrood elections across six of the eight Holyrood regions. Councillor Alison Johnstone will top the Greens' list for Lothians following Robin Harper MSP's decision to stand down at the 2011 election, while two former Green MSPs will contest the seats they won in 2003: Mark Ruskell in Mid Scotland and Fife and co-convenor Eleanor Scott in Highlands and Islands.

Carbon emissions figures show need for more ambition

Tue 7 Sep, 2010

The 2008 Scottish climate emission figures published today show a 3% reduction over the year excluding emissions trading, and a total reduction since 1990 of 21%. Despite a pledge in their 2007 manifesto, SNP Ministers have proposed a no-change emissions target for this year and just 0.5% reductions for 2011 and 2012. These targets were rejected both in Committee and in the Chamber in May this year.

Patrick Harvie MSP said: