Greens welcome rent freeze and eviction ban

Tue 6 Sep, 2022

The Scottish Greens have welcomed the First Minister’s announcement of a rent freeze and an eviction ban until at least March, which they say will provide “vital stability and support” for tenants across Scotland at a time when many are suffering.

The announcement was made as part of the Programme for Government.

Commenting after the announcement, The Scottish Greens Housing spokesperson, Ariane Burgess MSP said:

Greens: Boris Johnson leaves a legacy of failure

Tue 6 Sep, 2022

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater has accused outgoing Tory leader Boris Johnson of leaving a "legacy of dishonesty and failure."

Her comments follow his final speech as PM, which she said showed no sense of reflection or remorse.

Speaking as Johnson headed to Balmoral to tender his resignation to the Queen, she said:

"The speech was everything we've come to expect from the Prime Minister. It was full of boasts and bluster but had no sense of reflection or remorse."

Liz Truss is bad news for Scotland and terrible for our environment

Mon 5 Sep, 2022

Commenting on the election of Liz Truss as Prime Minister, the Scottish Greens Co-leader, Lorna Slater MSP said:

"This is terrible news for Scotland and our environment."

“Liz Truss has supported every single one of Boris Johnson's most damaging decisions. Whether it was the Brexit deal that has curbed our right to travel while driving up prices, the cruel Universal Credit cut that has taken vital support away from thousands of the most vulnerable people and families, or his failure to act during the worst cost of living crisis for decades.”

Greens: Small businesses ‘squeezed on all fronts’ by cost of living crisis 

Wed 31 Aug, 2022

The Scottish Greens have called for Westminster to introduce emergency measures to help businesses throughout the cost of living crisis. The Party is to hold talks with small business leaders over the ongoing cost of living crisis and soaring energy prices.

They say ‘hundreds of thousands’ of small firms and entrepreneurs are being ‘thrown to the wolves’ by the UK government.

The Scottish Greens want to hear from representatives about the damage being inflicted and what help they want to see.

MSP Maggie Chapman, the party’s economy spokesperson, said:

Scottish Greens call for immediate aid for Pakistan flood victims

Tue 30 Aug, 2022

The Scottish Greens are calling for emergency aid to be mobilised to help the victims of flood hit Pakistan. 

A third of the country is under water after being battered by monsoons with 1100 people so far known to have died. The toll is expected to rise significantly. 

In all, some 33 million people have been impacted and some 300,000 dwellings destroyed sparking an emerging refugee crisis. With temperatures rising to 40C, waterborne disease and mosquitos are expected to cause mass outbreaks of illness.

Greens condemn Liz Truss North Sea drilling plan

Tue 30 Aug, 2022

The Scottish Greens have condemned proposals from Liz Truss to increase oil drilling in the North Sea.

The Scottish Greens Environment spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP, said:

“The science is clear. The climate crisis is the greatest crisis that will be faced by this generation or future generations. It needs radical action, not more climate vandalism from the Tories."

Greens: buffer zone pilots very welcome but national solution is vital

Mon 29 Aug, 2022

The Scottish Greens health spokesperson, Gillian Mackay MSP, has welcomed moves to use Council bye-laws to create buffer zones that would prevent the harassment of people who are accessing abortion services. 

Gillian is currently taking a Member’s Bill through Parliament that would create national buffer zones. The consultation that she introduced received 12,000 responses. Her Bill has been supported by BMA Scotland and the Royal College of GPs.

Greens welcome Scotland's Nordic Office

Fri 26 Aug, 2022

The Scottish Green Party have welcomed the opening of Scotland’s Nordic Office in Copenhagen, the first of two international offices committed to under the Bute House Agreement between the Scottish Government and the Greens.

Norway, Sweden and Denmark are already important trading partners for Scotland, importing £2.6 billion worth of Scottish goods and services in 2019.

Scottish Greens External Affairs spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said: 

Price cap rise means millions will be terrified for the future

Fri 26 Aug, 2022

The Scottish Greens have accused the UK government of shamefully abandoning millions of people who will suffer as a result of today's price cap rise.

The Scottish Greens environment spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP, said:

"Across Scotland and beyond, millions of people will be going to bed tonight terrified about the future and knowing that they have been abandoned by Boris Johnson and his colleagues.”

GERS: Scotland needs powers to build fairer, greener economy

Wed 24 Aug, 2022

Responding to today’s GERS report, Scottish Greens Finance spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said:

“We are at a crossroads, facing the biggest social and environmental crises for generations. The decisions we make now will have consequences for years to come. That is why it should be Scotland making those decisions."

“With the powers of independence, Scotland could make better choices and take the action that is needed to build a fairer, greener and better recovery that works for people and the planet."