Local elections or dry-run for independence referendum?

Gavin Corbett Mon 20 Mar

Tory attempts to turn council elections into a vote on Scotland’s future relationship to UK are desperate and patronising, argues Gavin Corbett

Councils provide many of the services we treasure. They fund nurseries and run our schools. They ensure there is social care for our older people. They look after our parks, streets, waste collections and libraries. Planning controls shape how our cities and towns look and feel.

Now, of course, people will argue about how well councils do these things. But few would dispute that they are vital services.

YouGov poll shows Greens closing in on Labour

19 March, 2017 - 08:36

The Scottish Greens have welcomed the findings of a March YouGov poll showing that support for the party has almost doubled since their successful Holyrood election in 2016.

Patrick Harvie MSP responds to Gordon Brown's Brexit speech

18 March, 2017 - 11:03

Patrick Harvie MSP, the Scottish Greens’ co-convener, said:

Give councils the powers to solve the housing crisis

Andy Wightman MSP Fri 17 Mar

“Among the several causes to which the prosperity of a nation may be ascribed, the situation, conveniency [sic], and beauty of its capital are surely not the least considerable”.

These are the opening lines of the 1752 notice of public works in Edinburgh that led to the building of the New Town. In the 18th century, at the time of David Hume and Adam Smith, Edinburgh had tremendous aspirations for the city.

Trump visit details sought by Greens at Holyrood

16 March, 2017 - 16:38

Details of the Scottish Government’s preparations for a visit by US president Donald Trump were sought prior to First Minister’s Questions today after questioning by the Scottish Greens.

Patrick Harvie MSP, who was once cleared of “blasphemy” after a complaint by the American tycoon, quizzed government ministers about what discussions have been held with the UK government and for assurances that security arrangements will not suppress public protest. [1] [2]

Figures showing a million Scots living in poverty underline the urgent need for bold policies

16 March, 2017 - 15:49

Alison Johnstone MSP, Social Security spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (16 March) said that new figures showing 1 million Scots are living in poverty show the need to pursue Green policies.

The figures show that after housing costs, 20 per cent of people in Scotland were living in relative poverty in 2015/16, representing 1.05 million people. This compares to 18 per cent in 2014/15.

The number of children affected has risen to 260,000.

Andy highlights conflicts of interest as lobbyists help write government policy

16 March, 2017 - 14:33

Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman today (16 March) challenged the First Minister after uncovering serious conflicts of interest as lobbyists from the National Farmers Union and Association of Salmon Fishery Boards have been seconded by the Scottish Government to help write policy.

Ministerial answers show that in the last year there have been 82 secondments to the Scottish Government, the vast majority of which have been from other public bodies. In 2015 there were 125 secondments.

Andy said:

Tories attempt to deny Scotland a vote on our collective future at the critical moment

16 March, 2017 - 13:16

Responding to Theresa May's comment that "now is not the time" for a referendum on Scotland's independence, Ross Greer MSP, External Affairs spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

Mark hits out at fish farming industry over “meaningless” labelling scheme

16 March, 2017 - 10:21

Mark Ruskell MSP, Environment spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (16 March) hit out at the fish farming industry over a “meaningless” labelling scheme as the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation holds a reception in Edinburgh.

Mr Ruskell will today speak alongside the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture, Compassion in World Farming, and the Save our Seals Fund, who have jointly raised concerns about public funding for the Label Rouge accreditation scheme, which they say has no environmental or animal welfare standards. 

Mark said:

Snaring review maintains outdated and inhumane traditions

14 March, 2017 - 16:05

Scottish Green MSPs are urging Scottish Ministers to rethink their response to a review of animal snaring after they failed to support a complete ban on the cruel and unnecessary devices.

A review by Scottish Natural Heritage, published today, looked at how snaring of mammals and birds has been carried out and makes recommendations to change the regulations but the review did not consider the option of a ban.