Greens: Tories are taking wrecking ball to economy and living standards

Thu 22 Sep, 2022

The Tories are “taking a wrecking ball our economy and living standards” according to the Scottish Greens, who have accused them of economic vandalism and incompetence. This follows the Bank of England’s decision to hike interest rates, the biggest rise for 14 years.

The Scottish Greens’ finance spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said:

“The Tories have shown a total disregard for the brutal consequences of their ineptitude and economic mismanagement. 

Greens: Tory benefit cuts would be a "despicable" act of cruelty

Thu 22 Sep, 2022

Cuts to the benefits of part time workers would be "a despicable and needless act of cruelty", according to this Scottish Greens. This follows numerous reports that the UK government is planning to cut the benefits of part-time workers.

The Scottish Greens social security spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, said:

"I truly hope that these reports are wrong. Even by the standards of the Tories this would be a despicable and needless act of cruelty against low paid and vulnerable people.

Greens welcome Scottish Government support for just transition from fossil fuels

Wed 21 Sep, 2022

The Tories are “pretending they can drill their way out of the energy crisis” and “taking a wrecking ball to urgent climate commitments” according to the Scottish Greens.

The comments were made by the Scottish Greens environment spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP, following his Topical Questions to the Scottish Government about Downing Street’s decision to expand oil and gas drilling in the North Sea and the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ call for a windfall tax on energy company profits.

Speaking after the debate, Mark Ruskell MSP said:

Scottish Greens call for answers on anti-Monarchy protest arrests

Wed 21 Sep, 2022

The Scottish Greens are writing to the Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Sir Iain Livingstone, following a series of high profile incidents involving protests against the Royal family last week. 

Green MSP Maggie Chapman has also tabled questions at the Scottish Parliament after concerns were raised by a number of members of the public.

It follows a series of news reports of people objecting against the monarchy being arrested or moved on during official events, raising concerns over freedom of speech and the right to protest. 

All Scotland international football matches should be free to view

Wed 21 Sep, 2022

The Scottish Greens have welcomed the decision by ITV to show tonight’s Scotland vs Ukraine match for free, and have called for the Scottish Football Association to work with broadcasters to allow more fans to watch Scotland games without the need to pay in the future. 

The upcoming match against the Republic of Ireland on Saturday 24 September will be broadcast on Premier Sports and can only be watched via a subscription.

Gillian Mackay MSP, health and sports spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said: 

Media Release: Free bus travel ‘vital’ during costs and climate crises

Tue 20 Sep, 2022

The roll-out of free bus travel to almost half a million young people in Scotland has proven ”vital” in helping individuals and their families cope with the national cost crisis, say the Scottish Greens.

Close to 22 million free bus journeys have been made since the scheme first started in January, with a major new campaign now being prepared to ensure all those entitled to free trips are aware of the benefit.

Statement on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Thu 8 Sep, 2022

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater MSP said:

“All of us have shared in the pain of losing a loved one in our lives, and at this difficult time for so many, we offer our condolences following the Queen’s passing.

“Since first opening the Scottish Parliament in 1999 she was a frequent visitor to Holyrood, and I am among many here who hold memories of meeting her during her visits to the Chamber over the years. 

“She made her mark on history, and we hope people find solace in each other.”

Truss energy plan is climate vandalism

Thu 8 Sep, 2022

Prime Minister Liz Truss’s energy plan is tantamount to “climate vandalism”, say the Scottish Greens. 

The Scottish Greens Energy spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP, said:

“Liz Truss’s plan is the worst kind of climate vandalism. We can't drill or frack our way out of a crisis.”

“Nuclear is neither safe, secure nor welcome.”

“It is only nine months since COP and Downing Street’s warm words have already turned to dust.”

Greens welcome Scottish Government support for Buffer Zone Bill

Wed 7 Sep, 2022

Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay has welcomed the Scottish Government’s support for her Bill to establish 150 metre safe access zones, or Buffer Zones, outside medical facilities that provide abortion care.

The Bill has already received the support of the British Medical Association and the Royal College of GPs. Over 12,000 people filled in the Consultation about the Bill.

Commenting, Scottish Green MSP Gillian Mackay said: