Nuclear energy has no place in a green Scotland

Nuclear power leaves a long and toxic legacy.

Scottish Greens energy spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP has firmly condemned plans by Scottish Secretary Alister Jack to forge ahead with building a new nuclear reactor in Scotland. 

Mr Jack revealed under questioning at the House of Lords Constitution Committee that the UK government is planning to work with anti independence parties to deliver a new nuclear reactor in Scotland.

Speaking to the Committee, he said “On the small nuclear reactors, I have asked the energy minister to plan for one in Scotland, because I believe in 2026 we’ll see a Unionist regime again in Holyrood, and they will move forward on that matter.”

Scotland only has one operation nuclear site, Torness, which is set to be decommissioned in 2028. The Scottish Greens have long campaigned for a nuclear free Scotland, which is also the default position of the Scottish Government. 

Mr Ruskell said: “There is nothing safe, secure or green about nuclear energy, and many people across Scotland will be dismayed and angry to hear that the Secretary of State is seeking to open a new reactor in Scotland. 

“Aside from the brazen entitlement and the message this sends, it ignores that people in Scotland have long rejected nuclear energy. I hope that all progressive parties will unite in condemning this environment wrecking overreach.

“A new reactor would not only be unsafe, it would be extremely costly and would leave a toxic legacy for centuries. It would also distract from the vital work we need to do to boost clean, green and renewable energy. 

“That is why I hope all progressive parties can rule out any return to nuclear power once Torness has been decommissioned.

“The Hinkley point shambles has exposed the UK government’s total inability to deliver nuclear programmes on budget or on time. We would be far better investing in the huge abundance of renewable resources that we already have here in Scotland.”

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