Our Land, Seas and Environment

Our Seas and Coasts

Our seas, coasts and estuaries are important culturally, environmentally, and economically, supporting coastal communities by providing jobs in sectors from fishing and marine renewables to tourism. As valuable carbon sinks and homes to a wealth of internationally important wildlife, our seas are an important part of our response to the climate and nature emergencies. We want to see coastal communities thrive, and will take the bold action needed to protect, restore and manage our seas and coasts, and stop unsustainable activities.

Green Impact

Scottish Green achievements in the last 5 years include:

  • Prevented the dredging and destruction of Scotland’s kelp forests
  • Secured funding for the creation of new Marine Protected Areas, protecting species including basking sharks, minke whales, dolphins and puffins
  • Stopped ship-to-ship oil transfers in the Cromarty Firth and the Firth of Forth


The Scottish Greens will ensure at least 30% of our seas are protected, and a third of this area will be highly protected, which means fishing and other industries would be excluded. This will protect Scotland’s unique marine environment and wildlife, and support our economy and that of coastal communities in particular as it will deliver net benefits to fish stocks and support the growth of sustainable fishing and seafood businesses, creating more green jobs.

In addition, we will:



The Scottish Greens will introduce new legislation to protect our inshore marine environment, support a diverse and thriving low impact inshore fleet, and help our coastal communities thrive.

We will:


Salmon farming is a major industry in coastal Scotland, and the Scottish Government has set a goal of doubling production by 2030. Yet repeated investigations, including an inquiry by the Scottish Parliament, have highlighted the severe environmental impact of the sector and have linked intensive aquaculture with the decline of Scotland’s native wild salmon population. Mortality rates as high as 25% clearly show an industry in crisis, and a growing animal welfare disaster.

The Scottish Greens will:


Champion a sustainable marine economy

Tackle marine pollution


Protect marine mammals


Downloads of our manifesto in PDF, Easy Read, large print, and plain text, and audio formats are available here: https://greens.scot/ourfuture/downloads

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