Scottish Greens Manifesto 2021

Our Common Future

Our Common Future is a bold plan to build a better future for all of us over the next five years and through to 2030. It will mean change.

It will mean borrowing more to invest more, and we will ask the richest in our society to pay more. But we make no apologies for this. Because change is essential. Our common future depends on us taking a different path as we emerge from the chaos and shattered lives of the pandemic, coming together to build a better, greener and fairer Scotland.

We don’t pretend delivering the ambitions set out in Our Common Future will be easy. But our MSPs in Holyrood have shown over the last five years that you can trust the Scottish Greens to deliver. They have fought with determination and commitment, and the results speak for themselves.

Now imagine what more Green votes, and more Green MSPs could do. We will face up to the common challenges ahead. We will rebuild our economy, tackle the climate emergency, invest in our public services, correct the stark and growing inequalities that take away the life chances of too many, and restore our natural environment.

Ask yourself this: Do you want more of the same, or will you vote like your future depends on it?

Lorna Slater & Patrick Harvie, Co-leaders of the Scottish Greens

A Real Plan to Tackle the Climate Emergency

In the last Parliament, the Scottish Greens were critical to securing an ambitious Climate Act that commits Scotland to reducing our emissions by 75% by 2030. Meeting this target requires a fundamental transformation of our economy and society. Every industry, every part of our economy and every individual will need to rise to the challenge.

This demands determined and bold action from the Scottish Government, now. To date, this action has been missing. Scotland has missed its climate targets two years in a row, and transport emissions in particular keep on increasing.

The programme set out in Our Common Future will put Scotland on track by embedding transformative action throughout our programme for government, and genuinely placing green industries, infrastructure and action at the heart of our plans for Scotland’s economic recovery.

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