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Equality has always been a core value for the Scottish Greens, as it is for the whole Green movement. Over many decades we have made progress toward a more equal society, and many barriers have been lowered. There remains far more work to do. Progress toward a more equal society did not come about by magic. It did not come about because of the generosity of governments. It was hard won by people working together, marginalised groups fighting each others’ corners in a spirit of solidarity. That is how we will continue to make progress.

Green Impact

Scottish Green achievements in the last 5 years include:

  • Secured cross party support to establish a museum of slavery, colonialism, migration and empire in Scotland
  • Campaigned for an end to private companies making profit from housing asylum seekers
  • Won voting rights for refugees


The Scottish Greens stand firmly for inclusive, intersectional feminism which recognises not only that gender inequality runs deep in our society, but also that it is affected by other kinds of inequality like wealth, disability, racial injustice, LGBT+ discrimination and more. Scotland still has much work to do if we’re to make progress toward a more equal society for women, and to ensure an inclusive approach for people of all genders and none.

The impact of COVID has worsened pre-existing gender inequalities, from the uneven burden of both paid and unpaid care work, to the impact of gender based violence and the barriers to accessing support under the pandemic restrictions. However there have also been positive developments. Many employers have been forced to recognise not only that flexible and remote working is possible, but also how gender inequality affects the way people’s home lives impact on their working lives. Learning from the experience of COVID could result in real improvements to equal, accessible and flexible working arrangements.


The Scottish Greens will:


Our society, our economy and our public services create the barriers disabled people face to full participation, and removing those barriers must be a priority for every level of government.

We will:

The delivery of all public services must benefit from the lived experience of disabled people if those services are to fulfil their purpose and remove barriers to disabled people’s full participation in society. This will be particularly important in the development of a National Care Service, and in the growing role of the devolved social security systems.


The Scottish Greens have always taken a strong and proactive stance on LGBT+ equality, working for a progressive and inclusive Scotland where the LGBT+ community and intersex people can live and thrive freely. We were the first political party to back marriage equality, we pioneered legislation to tackle transphobic and homophobic hate crime, and unlike most political parties we have never treated LGBT+ people’s human rights as an optional matter. Green candidates are committed to progress, and will not hide behind special “votes of conscience” to stand in the way of equality.

We will:


While Scotland has often perceived itself to be a welcoming and inclusive society, there is much work we have not yet done to examine the extent of racism and white supremacy in Scotland, and the legacy of empire and colonialism. Greens continue to call for the devolution of immigration in order to combat the racist consequences of UK Home Office hostile environment policies, for adequate support and an end to destitution in the asylum process, and for asylum seeker accommodation to be in local hands. Within the scope of powers already devolved there are clear priorities for action.


We will:


The Scottish Greens respect all communities and their rights to practise their religion free from persecution and discrimination. We believe in an inclusive and secular society, including within the education system, and we recognise that religious freedom includes not only freedom of religion, but also freedom from religion.

The Scottish Greens will


The Scottish Greens want to ensure that Gypsy/Travellers are provided the same respect and rights as those in the settled community, and will take measures, including where necessary legislative action, to ensure that their lifestyle and heritage is protected.


The Scottish Greens will:


The Scottish Greens stand for the rights of refugees and believe Scotland should do everything in its power to welcome them. Asylum seekers have often fled war, famine, and discrimination. Many have embarked on perilous journeys to reach safety.

Scotland must play its role as a welcoming and supportive country, but is often held back by the UK Government.

The Scottish Greens will campaign for all asylum seeker support to be devolved to Scotland, and in the meantime will:


Support children in care and estranged young people

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