Scottish Greens Manifesto 2021

Our Common Future - All Versions

PDF icon ScottishGreens_2021Manifesto_Gaelic.pdf2.17 MB
PDF icon ScottishGreens_2021Manifesto_EasyRead.pdf10.4 MB
PDF icon ScottishGreens_2021Manifesto_Full_web_version.pdf13.11 MB
Package icon ScottishGreens_2021Manifesto_PlainText.zip51.18 KB
PDF icon ScottishGreens_2021Manifesto_LargePrint.pdf510.24 KB
PDF icon Rainbow greens manifesto 2021.pdf764.86 KB
File Rainbow Greens Manifesto 2021 plain text.docx27.17 KB

Audio Version

Audio manifesto is available on Soundcloud.

British Sign Language Version

A BSL version of our manifesto is available here, on our Youtube channel.

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