Scottish Parliament intervenes in Westminster election

Thu 29 Apr, 2010

For immediate release 29 April 2010

The Scottish Parliament today supported a motion from the Scottish Green MSPs calling for fair votes at Westminster. This vote comes less than a week before the polls open across Scotland and the rest of the UK, and Holyrood has today called for next week's vote to be the last ever to use First Past The Post.

Robin Harper MSP said:

Holyrood to vote on reform for Westminster elections

Tue 27 Apr, 2010

For immediate release 27 April 2010

Harvie visits Menie as public swing against Trump project

Mon 26 Apr, 2010

For immediate release 26 April 2010

Polling results published today show a clear majority of Scots now oppose Donald Trump's golf and leisure resort, with opinions now running at almost two to one against. (1) Mr Trump has long claimed that 93% support the project, which would require the eviction of local residents and the destruction of a unique and protected dune system, but has never published any evidence for this claim. (2)

Greens to bring living wage vote to Holyrood

Sun 25 Apr, 2010

For immediate release 25 April 2010

Holyrood will vote this Thursday, 29 April, on a motion from the Scottish Green Party MSPs to set a living wage of

SNP Ministers fail crucial climate test

Thu 22 Apr, 2010

The Green MSPs today slammed SNP Ministers for their plans, published today, to implement the Climate Change Act passed last year. The Scottish Government have proposed annual targets of just 0.5% for the next two years, far below the 3-4.5% required by the science. The 2020 target of 42% reductions remains, but Ministers have decided not to act to achieve this legal target, instead just making it the responsibility of the next Scottish Government.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

First Green MPs predicted for Westminster

Thu 22 Apr, 2010

The Scottish Green Party today launched its manifesto for the 2010 Westminster election, highlighting the real chance of that Green MPs will be elected to Westminster for the first time. As the other parties admit that the general election is now 'wide open' and the chance of a hung parliament increases, these Green MPs could play a crucial role and would use every opportunity to tackle poverty, protect public services and promote new green jobs, as Green MSPs have at Holyrood.


Thu 22 Apr, 2010

Scottish Green Party candidates and activists have a full diary of local events over the coming week as the general election campaign goes into its final three weeks, including the launch of the party's manifesto on Tuesday in Edinburgh. Greens will be using the party's successes at Holyrood and in local government to make the case for Scotland to send its first Green MPs to Westminster. The campaign will continue to highlight the need for a fairer and more sustainable economy, and for a cleanup of Westminster politics.

Inspiring our future

comms Sun 18 Apr, 2010

One kind of invitation I never refuse is to visit a school, for whatever reason, but particularly if it is to help raise a Green Flag or to discuss how to take environmental awareness forward.  Colleges and Universities count as well! I have enjoyed my now yearly lecture to the Engineering students at Edinburgh University, my early lectures at Moray House, assisting at symposiums on Greening the Curriculum with Scottish Colleges and with the SQA, and even assisting at the launch two years ago of the new Masters Course in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Still waiting on Kintore Station

comms Thu 15 Apr, 2010

The railways have a big part to play in reducing road congestion, lessening our dependence on fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

Personally, I have always regarded the train (a proper train that is, not a bus on rails) as by far the most civilised way to travel.  So, for all these reasons, I am a strong supporter of the railways. I have campaigned for improvements to the rail network and train services for as long as I have been involved in politics. 


Tue 13 Apr, 2010

Today Green MSP Robin Harper and Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead announced