Scottish Greens hail “transformative” impact of 137 million free bus journeys for under 22s

Free bus travel is supporting families and our environment.

The introduction of free bus travel for everyone under 22 has had a transformative and life-changing impact for young people across Scotland, says the Scottish Greens transport spokesperson, Mark Ruskell MSP.

New figures published by the Scottish Government show that 732,000 young people have already signed up for their free travel cards, and have taken 137 million free bus journeys.

This groundbreaking initiative was secured through negotiations between the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Government. Scotland is the only country in the UK that provides free bus travel for all young people under 22. 

Mr Ruskell said: “Free bus travel has had a transformative and in some cases life-changing impact for young people and families across Scotland. The fact that almost three quarters of a million young people are already benefiting is a sign of the huge success of the scheme.

"Allowing young people to access school, work or leisure for free is boosting public transport while putting more money in the pockets of families during a Tory cost-of-living crisis which has hit everyone in Scotland.

"The scheme has opened huge opportunities for young people across our communities, creating exciting new chapters and helping them to develop crucial skills for the future.

"Transport is Scotland's largest source of carbon emissions. Encouraging people to use public transport rather than take the car is a huge boost for our environment and will reduce the number of cars on our roads in the future.

"I want every young person to feel the benefit of this scheme, and I urge those who have not yet registered to do so today at”

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