Polluters must pay for Deposit Return Scheme

It is right that polluters should pay for clearing discarded bottles and cans rather than taxpayers, say the Scottish Greens. This is a core principle of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme.

The point was raised in a Topical Question by the Scottish Greens finance spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP. 

The answer, that he received from the Scottish Green Minister for Circular Economy, Lorna Slater MSP, revealed that £46 million is spent on clearing up litter and fly tipping in Scotland every year. The DRS would reduce these costs, shifting the cost onto producers and retailers rather than taxpayers.

Following his question, Ross said:

“It is a simple matter of fairness. Even the Tories in Westminster understand that unredeemed deposits should be used to help cover the cost of the scheme and reduce costs for all.

“Perhaps the real reason that the Tories are so desperate to undermine Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme is because they object to the fundamental principle of the scheme. That the polluter pays, instead of the taxpayer.

“Right now, 44,000 plastic bottles are discarded in Scotland every day. This Scheme will put a stop to that and mean cleaner and greener streets.

“DRS will not only be good for people and planet, it will also be good for local authority budgets and taxpayers.”