Inspiring our future

comms Sun 18 Apr, 2010

One kind of invitation I never refuse is to visit a school, for whatever reason, but particularly if it is to help raise a Green Flag or to discuss how to take environmental awareness forward.  Colleges and Universities count as well! I have enjoyed my now yearly lecture to the Engineering students at Edinburgh University, my early lectures at Moray House, assisting at symposiums on Greening the Curriculum with Scottish Colleges and with the SQA, and even assisting at the launch two years ago of the new Masters Course in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Still waiting on Kintore Station

comms Thu 15 Apr, 2010

The railways have a big part to play in reducing road congestion, lessening our dependence on fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

Personally, I have always regarded the train (a proper train that is, not a bus on rails) as by far the most civilised way to travel.  So, for all these reasons, I am a strong supporter of the railways. I have campaigned for improvements to the rail network and train services for as long as I have been involved in politics. 


Tue 13 Apr, 2010

Today Green MSP Robin Harper and Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead announced


Tue 6 Apr, 2010

The Scottish Green Party has welcomed confirmation that the general election is to be held on 6 May, and leading Green candidate Robin Harper has issued a challenge to General Election candidates of other parties to sign up to a Clean Campaign Pledge. According to the bookmakers, it is now odds-on that Green MPs will be elected for the first time in the UK. Candidates taking the pledge will commit to refrain from personal attacks, not to mislead the public about who is likely to win and to make only honest and reasonable promises.

The Clean Campaign Pledge reads as follows:

Landmark vote: Parliament rejects Hunterston coal plans

Sun 21 Mar, 2010

The Scottish Parliament this Thursday voted by a clear majority against SNP plans for new coal-fired power stations, such as the one proposed at Hunterston, a project which Ministers have been promoting on the basis that up to a quarter of its carbon emissions would be captured and stored.

Climate Committee "Must Not Subvert Will of Parliament"

Wed 24 Feb, 2010

Green MSP Media Release

The advice to Scottish Ministers published today by the UK Climate Change Committee was rejected by the Scottish Green Party as a flawed and misguided effort which risks undermining the 42% climate target approved by the Scottish Parliament last year.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Budget: Green progress on renewables and insulation

Wed 20 Jan, 2010

Following commitments given by Scottish Ministers on marine renewables and home insulation, the Green MSPs today voted not to block the Budget at Stage 1, and to seek agreement with Ministers on further improvements in these areas ahead of the final vote a fortnight today.

Patrick Harvie MSP said: