Harvie: Timetable for independence vote essential, even if Article 50 extended

Scottish Greens co-convenor Patrick Harvie MSP has said that a timetable for a Scottish independence vote is now essential, even if the Prime Minister agrees to extend the Article 50 deadline.

Harvie used his slot at FMQs today (17 Jan 2019) to restate the Greens’ support for a People’s Vote to remain in the EU, as well as backing the First Minister’s pledge to say more on the timing of an independence vote in the coming weeks.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“While she was in London yesterday we heard the First Minister reaffirm her support for a People’s Vote – a statement which I and the Scottish Greens welcome.

“But two and a half years on from the EU referendum, there is no more clarity about the future than there was at the start.  At the very least, an extension of Article 50 is now inevitable.

“In the face of such incompetent misrule from Westminster, it’s now vital that we set out a route for Scotland to secure its future in Europe as an independent member state, even if the Brexit timetable is extended.”