Harper moves last Green motion before standing down

Thu 20 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 20 January 2010

During the Scottish Greens' last Chamber Business before dissolution, Robin Harper MSP today moved his final motion for Parliament to consider, urging Holyrood to support a £2m programme of microcredit loans for young people. This project, which would help young people to start their own businesses, is inspired by the work of the Grameen Bank, originally in Bangladesh but now also in the United States of America and elsewhere.

Robin Harper MSP said:

Greens propose youth enterprise microcredit scheme

Wed 19 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 19 January 2010

Green plan to tackle urban blight and boost revenue

Tue 18 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 18 January 2011

Holyrood to vote on tax powers and Green Budget plans

Sun 16 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 16 January 2010

Greens and Labour to resist cuts to rail freight grant

Thu 13 Jan, 2011


For immediate release 13 January 2010


The Scottish Greens and Labour today joined forces to press SNP Ministers to abandon their plans to scrap the

Green MSP to support Trump court case

Mon 10 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 10 January 2010

Tomorrow Robin Harper MSP will attend Edinburgh's High Court to support the latest legal efforts to secure access to justice for Molly Forbes, one of the Menie residents threatened with compulsory purchase and eviction by the Trump Organisation and Aberdeenshire Council despite a groundswell of public opposition to this move.

A continuing legacy

comms Mon 10 Jan, 2011

There is a book I was lent recently. Written in 1994, by P W Agnew, it is called "The Efficient Alternative". Its sub-title is "How we can do away with nuclear power, reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and save money". Quite.

Although born in 1927, Pat Agnew was always ahead of his time. An engineer all his life, he was extolling combined heat and power in the 1960s. He designed small scale hydro plants, foreshadowing today’s community renewables. And, towards the end of his career, he inspired a generation of engineering students at Glasgow University.

Green MSP calls for First Bus rethink

Mon 10 Jan, 2011

For immediate release 10 January 2011

Patrick Harvie MSP today submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament calling on First Bus in Glasgow to reconsider its deeply damaging decision to axe bus services in Glasgow, and slash the frequency of services for many more. The full text of the motion is below.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Scottish Green Party welcomes climate fund renewal

Thu 6 Jan, 2011


For immediate release 6 January 2010

Green MSP Patrick Harvie today welcomed the Scottish Government's announcement that it intended to renew funding to community-based carbon reduction projects through the Climate Challenge Fund. The fund was originally proposed by the Scottish Greens as part of its 2007 election manifesto and jointly launched by the Greens and the Scottish Government in 2008. To date

Greens deliver tough Budget message to SNP

Wed 5 Jan, 2011


For immediate release 5 January 2011

The Scottish Green MSPs today published a letter sent by Patrick Harvie to John Swinney setting out the party's position on the forthcoming Scottish Budget. The current proposal from SNP Ministers is simply to hand on Conservative cuts to the Scottish Budget, with serious consequences for services in Scotland, especially those relied on by the poorest in the country.