Renewing our calls for a ban on the killing of mountain hares in light of new footage

Thu 29 Mar, 2018

Scottish Green MSPs are renewing their calls for a ban on the killing of mountain hares after new footage showed mass culls of the creatures on grouse moors.

Mountain hare shooting is an activity offered by Scottish game estates, and it is estimated that 25,000 were killed in one year, up to 14 per cent of the population.

The latest footage was filmed in the Cairngorms.

Alison Johnstone MSP, deputy convener of Holyrood's cross-party group on Animal Welfare, and Species Champion for the Mountain Hare and Brown Hare, said:

Harvie presses FM to support continued EU membership & participation in Common Fisheries Policy

Thu 29 Mar, 2018

Green MSP Patrick Harvie today pressed the First Minister to support continued EU membership and to accept that that must include continued participation in the Common Fisheries Policy, which relies on the best science to protect both our marine environment and the long term strength of our fishing industry.

Patrick Harvie MSP said:

Everything about the Brexit crisis appals me

Patrick Harvie MSP Thu 29 Mar, 2018

I was born just a few months after this country joined the European Community, and in the 45 years since then Europe has proved itself as a protector of human rights, the planet’s most progressive global voice on climate change, and the most successful peace project in history. It has created a future in which young people are no longer sent to other European countries to kill one another, but can choose for themselves where they want to travel, learn, work and live.

Communities will continue to pay the price for the obstinacy of the SNP & Tories over Council Tax

Wed 28 Mar, 2018

The Scottish Greens say tonight's vote in Parliament by SNP and Tory MSPs to duck reform of the unfair, outdated Council Tax means households and communities will continue to pay the price.

The Greens brought a motion which called for the present system to end, that its replacement should be progressive, and for the Scottish Government to convene a cross-party group before the Summer to forge a way ahead.

SNP and Tory MSPs outvoted the Greens, Labour & LibDems to replace this wording to instead claim that Council Tax has been made “more progressive”.

Our MSPs bring vote on scrapping unfair, outdated Council Tax & steps to establish fairer replacement

Tue 27 Mar, 2018

Scottish Green MSPs are to bring a vote in Parliament tomorrow (Wed 28 Mar) to force the Scottish Government to agree to scrap the unfair, outdated Council Tax and to convene a cross-party group before the Summer to begin the work to establish a fairer replacement.

The debate comes ahead of the new financial year next week, when a fairer system of income tax kicks in following Green pressure. 

Green MSPs have already warned they cannot enter into discussions over the next Scottish budget if the minority SNP government continues to stall on local tax reform.

Our MSPs will bring a vote in Parliament to ensure legally-binding target to reverse decline in bus use

Mon 26 Mar, 2018

Scottish Green MSPs will this week (Wed 28 Mar) bring a vote in the Scottish Parliament to ensure that the forthcoming Transport Bill contains a legally-binding target to reverse the decline in bus use.

Ruskell hits out at Ministers over attempt to exempt salmon farming industry from US seal killing ban

Mon 26 Mar, 2018

Mark Ruskell MSP, Food & Farming spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, has hit out at Scottish Ministers' "desperate attempt" at weakening wildlife protections to protect the salmon farming industry, which faces a ban on exports to the United States.

The Sunday Herald yesterday (25 Mar) revealed that the Scottish Government has failed in an attempt to exempt the industry from US rules prohibiting the killing of seals.

Johnstone to tell rally of commitment to bring forward bill to ban fox hunting

Sat 24 Mar, 2018

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone will today (24 Mar) address a major rally of animal welfare supporters outside Holyrood to reaffirm her commitment to bring forward a member's bill to ban fox hunting.

The Scottish Government recently conducted a review of how current laws work but did not consider an outright ban.

In light of Cambridge Analytica & Facebook revelations, placing digital rights at the heart of policy is an urgent priority

Patrick Harvie MSP Fri 23 Mar, 2018

It used to be said that politicians complaining about the press was like sailors complaining about the sea. These days the same might be said of social media; many people in political life have very serious criticisms not only of the way social media changes behaviour, permits abuse and trolling, and proliferates disinformation, but also of the basic business model.

Harvie uses FMQs to challenge Sturgeon over confusion surrounding Scotland's first Low Emissions Zone

Thu 22 Mar, 2018

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, today (22 Mar) used First Minister's Questions to challenge Nicola Sturgeon to sort out her transport agency amid confusion surrounding funding for Scotland's first Low Emissions Zone aimed at tackling air pollution.

This week, Glasgow city council agreed to bring forward implementation of the LEZ after pressure from Green councillors, other opposition parties and air pollution campaigners who had described the council's original proposal as a "No Ambition Zone".