Rail fare rise shows need for public bid says Green MSP

Tue 5 Dec, 2017

Asking rail passengers in Scotland to pay a significant increase in fares is unfair says a Green MSPs who is campaigning for the Scottish Government to now pave the way for a public sector operator.

John Finnie MSP, the Scottish Greens’ transport spokesperson, says it’s wrong to ask rail users, particularly on ScotRail trains, to pay for such a significant increase after recent issues with delayed, cancelled and overcrowded services.

Statistics published today by the Rail Delivery Group show that on average, train fares will increase by 3.4% across the UK from 2 January.

Brexit: Irish flexibility gives hope to new deal say Scottish Greens

Mon 4 Dec, 2017

Reports that the Prime Minister will concede before the end of the week that special arrangements for Northern Ireland are needed to prevent imposing a hard border on the island of Ireland, demonstrate that the UK government can be flexible on the final Brexit deal say the Greens.

Ross Greer, the party’s Europe spokesperson, says that if such a deal to oversee the continuation of a soft border in Ireland is agreed, then Theresa May’s “newfound flexibility” should be afforded to all parts of the UK, meaning that Scotland remaining in the Single Market is now a possibility.

Holyrood to vote on Ruskell's Safer Streets Bill thanks to cross-party support

Sun 3 Dec, 2017

The Scottish Parliament will be able to vote next year on whether the default speed limit in built up areas should be lowered from 30 to 20mph after a Green politician’s proposal received cross party backing from MSPs. 

Green MSP Mark Ruskell has so far received 20 MSP signatures from three parties, meaning that the Member’s Bill, aimed at improving road safety and reducing traffic pollution, has moved a step closer to becoming a reality.

The debate on animal sentience is an early warning shot in the unravelling Brexit process

Mark Ruskell MSP Fri 1 Dec, 2017

Sometimes we never truly understand the value of something until we have lost it. With so much progress under threat from Brexit, I’m on a mission to understand the progress Europe has delivered and how we can preserve hard won rights and protections.

Maintaining principle of animal sentience in Scotland after Brexit has taken a step forward

Thu 30 Nov, 2017

Maintaining the legal principle of animal sentience in Scotland after Brexit has taken a step forward, according to Mark Ruskell MSP, Environment spokesperson for the Scottish Greens.

Following the failure last week by Westminster to include the principle in the EU Withdrawal Bill, Mr Ruskell lodged a motion at Holyrood urging that it be included in all future legislation affecting animals in Scotland.

UK Gov locking local authorities out of oversight of support services for asylum seekers in Scotland

Thu 30 Nov, 2017

The UK Government is locking local authorities out of the oversight of "humiliating and degrading" support services for asylum seekers in Scotland, according to Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens.

The UK Government has issued a tender document for asylum services for the next ten years, worth around £4bn, of which around half a billion is expected to be spent in Scotland.

Johnstone to bring forward member's bill to ban foxhunting

Tue 28 Nov, 2017

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone tonight (28 Nov) confirmed that she intends to bring forward a member's bill to ban foxhunting.  

The Scottish Government is conducting a review of how current laws work but has not considered an outright ban.

One fifth of children in Scotland in poverty; action needed says Johnstone

Tue 28 Nov, 2017

New figures showing one fifth of children in Scotland live in families that are in poverty and cannot afford basic necessities underline the need for action, according to Alison Johnstone MSP, Social Security spokesperson for the Scottish Greens.

The statistics indicate that 20 per cent of children in Scotland live in material deprivation, so cannot afford basics such as being able to repair or replace a broken kettle.

Alison Johnstone MSP said:

Accounts Commission on council finances: Greens respond

Tue 28 Nov, 2017

A publication by the Accounts Commission, showing the extent of the financial stress faced by councils, serves as a wakeup call to the finance secretary say the Greens.

Local government spokesperson for the Scottish Greens Andy Wightman says the report’s findings make it difficult for Derek Mackay to dismiss key Green demands for the forthcoming draft budget that include protecting public services and a real terms pay rise.

Lothian MSP Andy Wightman said:

Greer reveals Scot Gov gave £518,595 during 2016/17 to companies involved in the arms trade

Mon 27 Nov, 2017

Ross Greer MSP, External Affairs spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, today (27 Nov) revealed that Scottish Government agencies have given a total of £518,595 during 2016/17 to companies involved in the arms trade, including those whose equipment has allegedly been used to commit war crimes in Yemen and sold to the Assad regime.