Statement | General election July 04

Every vote for the Scottish Greens on July 4th will be a vote for people and planet.
Scottish Greens Manifesto

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater MSP said: “Scottish Greens are ready to go, we will be standing more candidates than ever before on July 4th. With Scottish Greens in the room, people can be sure climate justice and social justice will always be on the table. 

“A strong Scottish Green vote in this election could be transformational, so everybody needs to get out and vote for people and planet. 

“This is the last chance to save our nature and climate from the Tories, to put an end to their planet wrecking policies, and to protect future generations from the harm being inflicted upon them.

“We call on everyone to make sure they are registered, to have their now obligatory ID ready and to be free to vote like our future depends on it. Because it does. Every single vote will count, and never more so to ensure a liveable future for our planet and our children.

“The Tories spent more than a decade undermining democracy, subsidising climate wrecking industries and eroding human rights in the hope of clinging on to power. 

“This is the moment that changes, now we use the ballot box to defend our environment, our human rights, and our democracy.

“This is a time for hope, a time for action and a time for progressive politics and collaboration to tackle the climate and nature crisis, end child poverty and the causes of the cost of living crisis, and do everything we can for people and for planet.”

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