SNP cannot be trusted on climate and nature

Only the Scottish Greens will prioritise our planet and nature.

The SNP’s rolling back on environmental commitments shows it cannot be trusted with climate and nature, say the Scottish Greens.

Cabinet Secretary Màiri McAllan’s lack of certainty over the introduction of the environment bill, climate bill, heating in buildings legislation and environmental rights during Tuesday’s NZET committee, they said, will have “set off alarm bells” for campaigners.

The environment bill is set to introduce binding targets for nature recovery and was a key commitment under the Bute House Agreement alongside the work on Heat in Buildings.

Huge question marks also hang over its promise to maintain a presumption against new oil and gas after its Westminster leader Stephen Flynn under questioning again opened the door to another u-turn.

Scottish Greens climate and energy spokesperson Mark Ruskell MSP said: “It’s been just a matter of weeks since the Scottish Government collapsed its agreement with the Scottish Greens, now we are seeing the real reasons why.

“Their Westminster leader Stephen Flynn couldn’t be more pro oil and gas if you put a petrol pump in his hand, and there is a clear and present danger the SNP are going to drop the presumption against new oil and gas developments in order to try and shore up their vote in the north-east.

“Màiri McAllan, ordinarily a clear voice of reason on climate in her party, was unable to confirm crucial details and timings around the climate bill, the environment bill, heating in buildings or environmental rights.

“All things that will have set alarm bells ringing for campaigners up and down the country by casting real and worrying doubt on whether this government will meet its legal climate obligations.

“It is clear the SNP cannot be trusted on climate, trusted to keep their word, or trusted not to side with the Tories on the most destructive environmental policies seen in a generation.

“The Scottish Greens are the only party speaking up for climate, and those who are going in the opposite direction will surely suffer at the polls as a result.”

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