Scottish Greens call for fairer, compassionate Scotland

The Scottish Greens would end 14 years of austerity and attacks on refugees.

The Scottish Greens would ensure compassion runs throughout politics, and reverse the brutal impacts of 14 years of Tory cruelty and cuts, says party Co-leader Patrick Harvie, who laid out his party’s plans to build an economy that supports vulnerable people and families.

Speaking at the launch of the Scottish Greens general election manifesto, Mr Harvie said: “The Scottish Greens would immediately end the benefit cap. The arbitrary and cruel benefit cap has taken an average of £51 a week from almost 28,000 Scots families since its introduction. 

“We would scrap the bedroom tax, and abolish the abhorrent two child limit, which makes women and children pay the brunt of Westminster’s ideological obsession with austerity. And we would make sure everyone is guaranteed a minimum income. A social security net that ensures that everyone can have a good standard of living. 

“That is what we, as greens, believe in. Redistributing power and wealth to improve the lives and living standards of the majority.

Mr Harvie condemned the rise of the far-right across Europe and called for an end to racist Tory policies and the hostile environment against migrant communities and refugees.

Mr Harvie added: “The so-called ‘hostile environment’ is one of the most shameful legacies of this dying Tory government.

“Only the cruellest of the cruel can watch the desperation of people prepared to risk their own lives - and the lives of their children - to cross the channel in tiny dinghies, and think the response should be more patrol vessels to turn them back, or deporting them to a country they have no connection to. 

“At this general election, we have the chance to condemn this inhumane approach. To send a clear message - not in our name. 

“Today, on World Refugee Day, I’m proud to be launching a manifesto which commits to immediately repeal the Rwanda Act, ban the offshore processing of asylum applications, and fulfil our duty as a wealthy, western nation to uphold the human right to claim asylum. 

“The solution to stopping the death and suffering in the channel is not turning boats back, but providing a safe alternative. To set up safe routes for refugees around the globe, including coming to the UK. And once refugees are here, to process their claims in a fair and humane way and allow them the right to work. This is our moral duty, and the Scottish Greens take that seriously.”

Mr Harvie finished: “Our manifesto lays out our vision for how the UK and Scotland can be a fairer, greener, more welcoming country. But the reality is that in spite of the challenges that we face, only small change is on offer from Labour. 

“Starmer might replace Sunak in number 10. But we will still have starved public services, Brexit, a government in the thrall of the billionaires, disrespect for Scottish democracy, and a deepening climate crisis.

“Don’t waste your vote on more of the same. Use your vote. Use it to deliver a powerful message. To say you want a green, fair and independent Scotland. Vote like your future depends on it on the 4th July - because it does. Vote Scottish Greens.”

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