Scottish Green manifesto will offer transformative action for people and planet

A vote for the Scottish Greens is a vote for a fairer, greener Scotland.

Only the Scottish Greens will deliver the bold and transformative climate action that Scotland needs, says the party's Co-leader Lorna Slater. 

Ms Slater was speaking ahead of the launch of her party's manifesto, which will take place today in central Edinburgh. 

The centrepiece of the 54 page manifesto will be a groundbreaking green new deal to deliver a green economy and fast track Scotland’s journey to net zero, funded by progressive wealth taxes on polluters and the super rich.

The Scottish Greens are standing 44 candidates across Scotland, a record for the party and double the number stood in 2019.

Ms Slater said: “We are in a climate crisis and we need real change. That can't come from fiddling at the edges, it can only come from a positive and transformative vision and a plan to deliver it.

“Our manifesto will be by far the most hopeful, urgent and ambitious of this election, with bold and credible plans to deliver the change we need and live up to the scale of the crisis we face.

Scottish Greens · Lorna Slater previews Scottish Greens manifesto launch

“Whoever forms the next government will be taking office at a crucial time for our environment. The decisions we make over the next five years will be vital to securing a sustainable future.

“There is nothing inevitable about climate breakdown. We know that we have to radically reduce our emissions and build a fairer, greener economy. But our governments need to show the political will to do it.

“That is why we are offering a plan to transition away from fossil fuels and build the green, clean and renewable industries of the future.

“By securing a record vote for the Scottish Greens we can send shockwaves through our politics and deliver the strongest possible message for people and planet.

Ms Slater added: “The impact of this election will be felt for decades to come, but the Tories are offering even more of the same poverty and pain they have inflicted over the last 14 years. Meanwhile Labour is terrified of changing anything at all, and the SNP are going backwards on our climate. Scotland deserves better.

“The Scottish Greens have shown the impact we can have in Holyrood, where we have delivered free bus travel for young people, record investment in our climate and an increase in the Scottish Child Payment, which has lifted thousands of children and families out of poverty.

“Every vote for the Scottish Greens on July 4 is a vote to build on that change and put climate action and tackling child poverty right at the heart of Westminster.”

Read the manifesto: Vote Like Our Future Depends On It - Scottish Greens

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