Scottish Green manifesto will call for independent Scottish republic

Scotland can be a modern democratic republic.

The Scottish Green manifesto will reaffirm the party’s support for a written constitution and an independent Scottish Republic with an elected head of state, says the party’s co-leader Patrick Harvie.

Speaking ahead of a campaign event in central Edinburgh, Mr Harvie called for Scotland to have the powers to hold a referendum on our constitutional future and establish a modern democratic republic.


Mr Harvie said: “The Monarchy is a badly outdated and fundamentally undemocratic institution. It represents a different era and feels increasingly irrelevant and ridiculous in the 21st century.

“Yet, in a matter of weeks the full pomp and pageantry of Monarchy will be on display when the King does the state opening for a new government.

“We should be able to challenge power and elect or remove our head of state through the ballot box, like most democratic countries do.

“We need a written constitution, drawn up by the people to entrench our rights and our democracy and to avoid the kind of power grabs and stunts that we have seen from Westminster.

“The Scottish Greens are the only party that is calling for an independent Scottish republic where power lies with the people rather than being handed down like a family heirloom.

“There are countries all across the Commonwealth who are asking questions about the way they are ruled and who are reconsidering their relationship with Monarchy. Scotland must have the chance to do the same.

The Scottish Green manifesto will say: 

One of the major flaws in the UK’s current constitutional setup is the lack of a written constitution, which means basic rights and democratic processes are constantly open to challenge. It has led to the mis-use of power by politicians, such as when Boris Johnson prorogued parliament in 2019 to avoid parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit, and the increasing erosion of powers for the devolved parliaments. And it creates an environment where the rights of citizens and the basic processes of democracy are continually up for debate. 

In an Independent Scotland, the Scottish Greens will help deliver a permanent, written constitution, developed through participative means by the people of Scotland, which guarantees the inalienable rights of current and future generations. 

We will advocate for this constitution to establish Scotland as a democratic republic, abolishing the monarchy and ensuring sovereignty lies with the people of Scotland, not unelected heads of state.

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