Scottish Government must not follow Tories and Labour into climate retreat

We must redouble our efforts to cut emissions and tackle the climate crisis.

Figures showing the Scottish Government failed to meet a key annual target for reducing climate emissions for a ninth year in a row is proof they must not retreat on climate action including over oil and gas, say the Scottish Greens.

Emissions in 2022 fell by 50% from their 1990 starting point, but less than the target of 53.8%. The statistics cover the first months of Scottish Greens entering government in a co-operation agreement to draw up plans to accelerate climate action.

Scottish Greens climate spokesperson Mark Ruskell said: “While any reduction is welcome, it is clear that, over the course of decades, the Scottish Government has failed to act quickly or decisively enough to bring emissions down.

“We were finally starting to make progress in government thanks to Scottish Greens pushing them on everything from oil and gas, heat in buildings and aviation to nature restoration, road user charging and public transport, when they collapsed the co-operation deal.

“Now we have an SNP government returning to form, by joining Tories in championing the oil and gas industry in the north east during an election year, while, at the same time, failing the industry workers at Grangemouth. 

“Labour, meanwhile, have turned their back on every green commitment they have made, including their fabled £28bn investment plan, and instead have dreamed up a GB Energy plan that no-one in their party seems to understand let alone being able to explain it to voters.

“Only the Scottish Greens can be trusted on climate. We are the ones calling for never before seen levels of investment in renewables, including for jobs training and building the all important supply chain. 

“We know what action is needed. Look at today’s data. Aviation emissions have doubled in a year, which is why we have called for action on frequent flyers, aviation fuel and private jets. 

“Vehicle emissions now account for 28.3% of all Scotland’s emissions - we are the party that won free bus travel for U22s, axed peak fares on rail and called for road user charging to tackle this head on. 

“Today’s Agriculture Bill going through parliament also puts demands on the sector to play its vital part in tackling the nature and climate crises, with funding available to those who step up and take action. That wouldn’t have happened without Scottish Greens. 

“It’s all well and good for the Scottish Government to say we are doing better than anywhere else in the UK, but being the least worst doesn’t cut it. The Scottish Government must not retreat on climate action, it must continue the work of the Scottish Greens to do more.”

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