Scottish Government must accelerate radical climate action

Scotland must not backtrack on climate action.

The First Minister must radically accelerate climate action to deliver for our climate and our communities, said the Scottish Greens co-leader, Patrick Harvie.

Speaking in the Chamber, Mr Harvie, urged the First Minister to stand-up to SNP MSPs who have opposed action to phase out fossil fuels and focus on cutting emissions and decarbonising our economy.

Mr Harvie said: “The First Minister is right that addressing the climate emergency can be good for the economy, and if we get it right it will protect people from high energy bills too. 

“But he also knows that the same members of his own party who have spent years lobbying against climate action and for the oil and gas industry are still doing so. And after the events of recent weeks, they are emboldened.

“So will he have the courage that has been so clearly lacking – the courage to face them down, refuse their demands, and commit to the radical acceleration of climate action that is so clearly needed to cut road traffic, to decarbonise heat, and more – action that’s necessary if Scotland is going to make up for so much lost ground over so many years?”

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