Scottish Government invests in climate action - Labour walks away 

The only way to guarantee a political party will fight for people and planet is to vote Scottish Greens, says Ross Greer MSP

The Scottish Government’s choice to invest record sums into fighting the climate, nature and biodiversity crises as Labour ditches its environmental promises proves that the only way to build a greener Scotland is to vote Scottish Greens, say the party.

MSP Ross Greer, who was speaking during today’s Stage One Budget Debate at Holyrood, pointed to a deal brokered by his party that sees a record £4.7 billion allocated to climate and nature measures in Scotland over the coming year.

This comes as Labour confirmed it was ditching its pre General Election promise to invest £28bn a year across the UK and studies confirmed for the first time that the planet has now hit the devastating threshold of 1.5c of global warming.

Mr Greer said: “This budget puts people and planet first, demonstrating that if you want a greener Scotland, voting Scottish Greens is the way to deliver it.

"Why would any young person ever consider voting for Labour after such a blatant betrayal of their future and that of the planet? The generation with the most at stake in the climate crisis will never trust Keir Starmer or Anas Sarwar again.

“While Labour cave to Tory climate-denial and put protecting bankers bonuses ahead of lifting children out of poverty, the Scottish Greens and our partners in government are once again delivering for Scotland’s communities.

“The decisions we are making in this budget and across government are resulting in thousands of new green jobs, the most ambitious ever programme to ensure people have warmer homes with lower energy bills, restoration of our woodlands and peatland and measures to continue lifting more children out of poverty.

“To achieve that we are asking the richest people in our society to pay a little bit more, raising income tax on the top 5% of earners, doubling Council Tax on holiday homes and new measures such as the cruise ship levy.

“All of which is being done against the biggest cost of living crisis in modern history, caused by this failing Westminster government.

"That is why, despite cuts to Scotland’s budget, we have lifted 90,000 children out of poverty this year alone. That progress will continue through measures such as increasing the Scottish Child Payment, wiping out school meal debt and serving up more free school meals. 

“When Scottish Greens talk about a budget for people and for planet, we mean exactly that. We invest in people and we are taking the climate crisis seriously. Labour sadly does neither. How will they look future generations in the eye after siding with the Tories and abandoning key climate pledges?

“What we need is ambition and hope. We need urgent action at all levels of government to tackle the climate and nature crises. We don't need Keir Starmer and a Labour Party that breaks climate  promise after climate promise.

"Fortunately, with Scottish Greens in government here in Scotland, that is exactly what we are delivering.”


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