Wed 16 Nov, 2022

The runaway inflation that we are seeing is the cost of being ruled by a cruel and incompetent Tory government, according to the Scottish Greens.

This comes as figures from the Office for National Statistics show that Consumer Price Inflation has reached 11.1%, a 40 year high.

The Scottish Greens economy spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, said:

“These are not just abstract figures, they represent people’s expenses and wellbeing. They can be the difference between a household or family being able to eat or not. 

“With temperatures falling and bills increasing, millions of people are looking at a long, cold winter and, with even more cuts expected to be announced in tomorrow’s Autumn Statement, things are set to get even harder.

“This represents yet another failing that will be brushed off by millionaires like Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt, but will be felt in communities all across the country. 

“It is the cost of a reckless Tory Brexit and a cruel and incompetent government that is well aware of the pain it is inflicting but simply doesn’t care. If they cared, they would have spent the last 12 years investing in the infrastructure that would have prevented this situation. But they chose, instead, to re-inflate the housing bubble and impose austerity. 

“The Tories are not the answer to this economic crisis. We must choose and then create a better future that does not have us shackled to the disaster that is Westminster.”

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Following the tragic death of fire-fighter Barry Martin, Scottish Greens MSP Maggie Chapman said:

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak must sack Nadhim Zahawi immediately and explain if he was innocent or careless in appointing the former Chancellor, fined for tax anomalies, the Scottish Greens says.

Party economy spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP said Zahawi being given a role in Sunak’s cabinet was greeted with surprise at the time, but was now genuinely concerning, and left more questions than answers.

The head of HM Revenue and Customs, James Harra, has suggested that the millionaire Tory Chairman did not make an “innocent error” in his taxes.

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It is time to scrap the repressive and racist ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ policy which is forcing vulnerable people into destitution, say the Scottish Greens.

No Recourse to Public Funds (NPRF) is a condition attached to work, family and study visas which restricts access to a lot of aspects of social security, including Universal Credit and child benefit and a range of other support like homelessness assistance.