Only the Scottish Greens will put our climate first

Our climate must be at the top of the agenda on July 4.

With Labour going back on their flagship £28 billion green transition plan and the SNP trying to face both ways on oil and gas, it is only the Scottish Greens who are proposing a real break from the climate wrecking politics of the Tories.

The party's Co-leader, Lorna Slater, has called for climate change to be on top of the agenda when people go to vote on July 4th. 

Ms Slater said: “This is a crucial time for our climate. Nothing is more important than our environment, but the Tories are actively making things worse. They are doubling down on polluting industries at a time when we need a rapid transition to renewable industries and a green economy.

“Labour has already dropped its flagship green transition plan before a single vote has been cast, and has refused to rip up a single Tory oil licence. They are betraying future generations and selling off our North Sea to fossil fuel giants. Meanwhile the SNP is trying to face both ways and is threatening to go back on its pro-climate policies.

“We only need to look at the wildfires and flooding which have been happening across Scotland to see how the weather around us is changing. This will only get worse as long as our governments are trying to extract every last drop of oil.

“We have used our influence to deliver important progress in Scotland, but so many of the most important powers we need lie in Westminster. 

“Every vote for Scottish Green candidates is a vote for climate action. As we have proven in the Scottish Parliament and in town halls across our country, the best way to deliver for our environment is to vote for Green candidates who will put it right at the top of the agenda.”

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