Only the Scottish Greens are willing to take the climate action we need

We cannot keep burning fossil fuels if we are to have a sustainable future.

The Scottish Greens are the only party that is willing to act like our future depends on it, says co-leader Patrick Harvie, who has called for an assertive, interventionist approach from to the climate crisis from all levels of Government.

Speaking in a Tory debate on the oil and gas industry, Mr Harvie said: “There was a time when this could all have been done more slowly. It would have been easier, and probably cheaper in the long run too.

"That time was when the science first became clear, when we still had decades in which to act, but when the fossil fuel industry was doing everything possible to put its own profits ahead of the survival of our world."

Mr Harvie emphasised the need for a fair and just transition for communities that are reliant on fossil fuel jobs, saying: “Whatever else we disagree about across the political spectrum, we should agree on the interests of the workforce whose livelihoods are at stake. 

“To anyone working in the sector, I say this. If your family or community is dependent on that industry, if you work in that industry yourself, you need an active transition to make sure there is a decent, secure future after the fossil fuel age.”

Mr Harvie closed his speech by arguing that the fossil fuel industry cannot be trusted to lead the change or regulate itself, saying: “The industry itself cannot be expected to lead this change. Only an assertive, interventionist approach from Government will get results, on the rapid pace that’s now required after decades of industry delays.

“We’ve seen the Tories ripping up climate policies; thankfully, they’ll be out of government very soon. The SNP are now back to their old ways. Instead of accelerating action on climate, Kate Forbes today is quoted as saying “We’ve been clear that we’re not against new [oil and gas] licences” and “we’ve never said no.” This represents a shameless retreat from a position of climate leadership.

“And they are even attacking Labour’s half-hearted and insipid measures as too extreme. Labour for their part, want to talk to us about GB Energy but seem themselves to be as unclear as the industry is about what it actually is.

“It’s clear that only the Greens are willing to act like our future depends on it, shifting away from fossil fuels on the speed that’s needed, and willing to use progressive taxation so that the wealth being hoarded by the super-rich can be used to invest on the scale and at the pace the transition demands.”

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