Independent Scotland will thrive with a well-being economy focused on people and planet

Scotland can join Nordic nations in becoming among the happiest, healthiest and most income secure countries in the world, say the Scottish Greens upon the publication of the Scottish Government’s new economic prospectus for independence.

The document, Building a New Scotland, a Stronger Economy with Independence is the result of a development process which has involved substantial input from the Scottish Greens, as provided for in the Bute House Agreement which saw the party join the Scottish Government last year. It presents a progressive, ambitious and forward looking vision for the economy of an independent Scotland.

The paper includes major improvements to workers rights, specifically proposing a significant expansion of collective bargaining to improve pay and conditions, enhancing the minimum wage to reflect the cost of living and repeal of the UK government’s anti-worker 2016 Trade Union Act. 

It also includes a £20bn New Scotland Fund focused on transitioning to a zero carbon future through measures such as a substantial home energy efficiency programme, helping households cut their bills and reduce their energy use.

Ross Greer MSP, Scottish Greens finance spokesperson, said:

“This is a positive, optimistic and forward looking vision for an independent Scotland. It demonstrates clearly how the powers of a normal independent nation will let us build an economy that works for people and the planet.

“With Greens in government we are doing all we can to tackle the cost of living and climate emergencies. But there is so much more that we could do by taking our future into our own hands and gaining the economic powers of a normal nation, like set a decent minimum wage to eradicate poverty pay.

“By investing in new renewable technologies as we phase out oil and gas, and refocusing on an economy which works for everyone rather than just those at the very top, we can transform Scotland for the better.

“We only need to cast our eyes a few miles north to see how our Nordic neighbours have delivered stable, successful economies by putting people’s wellbeing first. Fairer economies are consistently stronger economies.”

Maggie Chapman MSP, the Scottish Greens economy spokesperson said:

“Independence will allow us to finally break from the cruel, inhumane and anti-climate policies of Downing Street and ensure that wellbeing and social and environmental justice are at the heart of our economy. 

“By expanding collective bargaining rights and ensuring that all workers are paid a real living wage we can build a fairer economy and tackle the appalling levels of poverty and inequality that are so prevalent. 

“But we can’t do these things when we have one hand tied behind our back by a vicious and incompetent Westminster government that is more concerned with its wealthy friends and donors.

“Scotland has changed a lot since 2014, with a reckless and costly Brexit that we voted against and another 8 years of disastrous Tory rule. 

“The debate on independence has also moved on since then. The vision presented in this paper includes many of the principles and policies that the Scottish Greens and the wider radical independence movement have been calling for. 

“With the powers of independence we can deliver even more of the change that is so badly needed.”

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