Independent Scotland could be a beacon for workers rights and environmental justice

With the powers of a normal independent country, Scotland can be a beacon for workers rights and environmental justice, say the Scottish Greens. The comments come as the Scottish Parliament debates Scotland’s right to choose its own future.

In today’s debate Ross Greer MSP will say: 

“By any normal measure, those of us who believe that Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands won the last Holyrood election. The Scottish Greens and SNP increased our combined majority of seats. And we won more votes, 16,057 more, than the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems.

“Winning an election used to be the uncontroversial gold standard mandate for delivering your manifesto. The Tories and Labour have trashed that democratic norm for no better reason than they lost the election and don’t like who and what the public chose instead. When anti-independence politicians block a referendum, they are blocking Scottish democracy itself.

“I believe that Scotland can be fairer and greener with the powers of a normal independent nation. We can re-join the European Union and begin undoing the damage of a disastrous Tory Brexit which is now also endorsed by the Labour party.

“We can take basic steps to improve the quality of life for the vast majority of people who live here, like raising the minimum wage beyond the poverty pay levels set at Westminster.

We can undo not just the anti-trade union acts of the post-2010 Tory government, but every bit of anti-union legislation passed since Thatcher began her assault in the early 80s.

“Scotland can be a beacon of workers rights and environmental justice. We could reduce emissions and fund a just transition with a carbon tax on big polluters. And end the licensing of any new oil & gas fields in the North Sea.

“I believe in Scottish independence. But first and foremost, I believe in democracy.

"If the anti-independence parties are offended by the independence movement’s claim to now be Scotland’s democracy movement, maybe they should stop thwarting what the public actually voted for. And accept that it is time to put this question before the electorate once again."

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