Immoral UK Government shamed after its racist migration strategy sunk

The Rwanda deportation plan was racist, immoral and illegal.

The Prime Minister must follow his disgraced former Home Secretary Suella Braverman out of government after their immoral and cruel Rwanda deportation plan was ruled illegal, say the Scottish Greens.

After the Supreme Court ruled against the scheme the party’s justice spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP said. “This has always been an utterly immoral scheme, and the Supreme Court has confirmed that it is also illegal. 

“It is quite fitting that this vile and racist plan has been rejected only days after Suella Braverman was finally forced out of office. It must go with her.

“The UK Government was prepared to put people’s lives at risk, spend millions of pounds of UK taxpayers money and betray human rights on an industrial scale. 

“The reality is that her Tory colleagues are every bit as responsible as she is. They signed off on it and defended it as part of their cynical and cruel culture war against some of the most vulnerable communities.

“Perhaps most of all it reflects on the weak Prime Minister who saw fit to appoint her into the heart of government and defended the plan as shamelessly as she did. He should follow her out the door. 

“This scheme may have been blocked, but it didn't happen in isolation. We need to dismantle the anti-immigrant policies and the hostile environment that has endured for far too long.

“We must now resist any attempts to circumvent the rule of law or any potential moves to remove the UK from the Council of Europe and its obligations.

“This government has shown it has no regard for human rights. It is only with the powers of an independent country that we can build a progressive and welcoming system based on support and solidarity.”

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