Doubling down on illegal Rwanda scheme shows moral bankruptcy of Home Office

An independent Scotland could have a far more humane migration system.

The Tory Rwanda deportation scheme is one of the most repulsive, inhumane and morally bankrupt policies the Tories have come up with, says the Scottish Greens justice spokesperson Maggie Chapman.

Ms Chapman was commenting while the Home Secretary, James Cleverly, was in Rwanda to sign a new treaty about the UK's plan to send people seeking asylum there for ‘processing.’

Ms Chapman said: “The Rwanda scheme is one the most repulsive, inhumane and morally bankrupt policies that the Tories have come up with. The fact they are doubling down on it despite knowing it is illegal and immoral underlines the contempt they hold for human rights.

“The original proposal was taken straight from the far right playbook, just like so many of the Tories anti-refugee policies. It’s part of their divisive and reactionary culture war that puts political point-scoring above the wellbeing of vulnerable people. For James Cleverly to be doubling down on it is shocking, even if it's not surprising.

“The departure of Suella Braverman should have been a turning point. Instead what this, and yesterday’s shameful announcement on immigration thresholds, confirms is that the prejudice and authoritarianism goes firmly to the heart of this awful Tory government. “Rather than actually tackling the inequalities and discrimination that exist in society, the Tories and their pals are instead scapegoating migrants and other vulnerable people. They are keen to treat marginalised people so appallingly because they think weaponising these lives is politically and electorally expedient. “As a society, we need to stand up in solidarity against this authoritarian barbarism. We must redouble our efforts to create not only a humane and dignified immigration system, but also a more equal and peaceful world.”

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