Tories taking Rwanda policy from Trump playbook

The Tory Rwanda policy shows how extreme the Party has become.

The current hate-ridden Tory Government is the most racist in modern UK political history, according to the Scottish Greens, as infighting about whether their policy to send asylum seekers to Rwanda goes far enough continues.

A series of increasingly insular and spiteful policies aimed at banning or displacing both migrants seeking help or those who have already established lives here has been lifted right out of the Trump playbook says the party’s equalities spokesperson Maggie Chapman.

Ms Chapman, who sits on the Scottish Parliament’s Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee, said: “It is utterly depressing that we’ve got to this point. This Tory government has already inflicted unimaginable cruelty on some of the most vulnerable people, and now Sunak is proposing ignoring the courts and taking us a big leap closer to the most far right authoritarian fantasies.

“This immoral and unlawful policy is right from the Trump playbook. It is dehumanising in the extreme and is all about whipping up resentment and fear against vulnerable people, weaponising and scapegoating them, and treating them as political fodder rather than human beings. 

“The fact that the so-called ‘moderates’ are backing it is a sign of how extreme their party has become. Yet, for some of their backbenchers it seems that deporting people to Rwanda against their will for ‘processing’ does not go far enough. What more do they want to see?

“How much lower can Rishi Sunak and his band of extremists that he calls a government go? With an apparatus of dawn raids, detentions, trapping people on barges and flying them out to Rwanda, what will they stop at?

“What we need instead are safe routes and support, solidarity and compassion, rather than doubling down on a purposely cruel system that makes life-threatening situations even more dangerous.”

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