Greens: Small businesses ‘squeezed on all fronts’ by cost of living crisis 

The Scottish Greens have called for Westminster to introduce emergency measures to help businesses throughout the cost of living crisis. The Party is to hold talks with small business leaders over the ongoing cost of living crisis and soaring energy prices.

They say ‘hundreds of thousands’ of small firms and entrepreneurs are being ‘thrown to the wolves’ by the UK government.

The Scottish Greens want to hear from representatives about the damage being inflicted and what help they want to see.

MSP Maggie Chapman, the party’s economy spokesperson, said:

“Small businesses are being squeezed on all fronts - spiralling energy prices, increased costs of goods and transport and customers having less money to spend."

"Many of them have been hit by a reckless and disastrous Brexit and now have skyrocketing bills to deal with. Immediate action is needed. That means reversing the energy cap, calling an emergency budget and providing urgent financial aid to those who need it most.”

“Without action, even those with broader shoulders will either be forced to pass the burden onto customers already struggling with their own incomes, to look at head count, working hours and pay for staff, reduce services or even close."

“Meanwhile there is simply no help or leadership emerging from Westminster. There is no sense of urgency from the Chancellor, and with a new Prime Minister committed to more of the same inaction, our shops and businesses will suffer."

"They are throwing small businesses to the wolves."

“That is why we are contacting small business leaders, such as those who run our shops and our bars and offer so many other services, to ask what kind of targeted support that they are looking for to help them through this crisis."

“The Tories, including the Scottish Tories who have been strangely quiet on this, simply cannot be trusted with our economy."

“Runaway inflation and a disastrous Brexit combined with the skyrocketing energy prices are hammering trade. Costs are rising while wages are flatlining, and the UK Government who has the power to act are watching idly by."

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