Climate focus of Scottish Greens 2024 General Election campaign launch

Co-leaders Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie called for a ban on fossil fuel advertising as voters prepare to head to the polls on July 4

Scottish Greens are calling for the people of Scotland to vote like our future depends on it on July 4 to deliver decisive action on climate change.

Speaking at the party’s packed-out launch campaign, Co-leader Lorna Slater called for the next Westminster government to end new oil and gas licences and ban fossil fuel advertising, a change that Scottish Green councillors have delivered in Edinburgh. 

Ms Slater said: “With Scottish Greens in government, Scotland - the country that helped bring the coal-fired industrial revolution to the world - adopted a position of no support for coal, oil and gas extraction on land, ending any prospect that these industries could be revived.

“This is what elected Greens do, and we do it at every level of Government.

"In Edinburgh, for example, Scottish Green councillors last month succeeded in banning advertising from fossil fuel companies and other high carbon industries on council owned advertising space like buses and billboards.

“This is a significant development. Advertising plays a big role in driving forward unsustainable consumption and legitimising those companies that are destroying the planet for profit. That’s why the UN last week called for all countries to ban coal, oil and gas companies from advertising, just as we have banned tobacco advertising. The Scottish Greens would do just that.

Ms Slater added: “Our future depends on this election. Don’t waste your vote on parties who hide their head in the sand. Don't waste it on politicians too invested in the status quo to offer the change they promise you.

“We are running out of time, but there is still hope, and you have the power to make a difference. A vote for the Scottish Greens is a vote for decisive action - to tackle the climate emergency, and to build a fair and green Scotland. Vote like your future depends on it. Vote for the Scottish Greens.”

The Scottish Greens are committed to delivering an independent green Scotland in Europe.

Also speaking at today's launch, Co-leader Patrick Harvie added: “We will wake up to a new Prime Minister on July 5th, but we will still have austerity, Brexit and the hostile environment. 

“Whether it’s Labour or the Conservatives in Downing Street, Scotland is held back in delivering the change we need. Worse, recent years have shown that Westminster is perfectly happy to interfere, even in devolved areas in Scotland against the will of the Scottish Parliament and Government, and with no democratic mandate.

“That’s why Scottish Greens activists and candidates across the country will be making the case for Scotland’s future as an independent country in the EU.

“Our manifesto will set out how we would use powers currently reserved to Westminster to create a fairer future for all. But we know, the only likely way we can deliver those plans, is for Scotland to be able to choose its own way. 

“And that starts by Westminster granting the Scottish Parliament the power to hold constitutional referendums, so the people of Scotland can make the choice about their future, at the time of their choosing. 

“The next UK Government must be under immediate, sustained and unrelenting pressure to make this change. It is our fundamental democratic right which cannot be denied any longer. 

“So when we ask you to vote like your future depends on it, we really do mean it. The Scottish Greens are offering a future where we can prevent catastrophic climate breakdown.

"A future where our economy works for everyone, and not just the wealthy. A future where we look after those who come to us for refuge and safety. And a future as an independent Scottish republic.”



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