At A Glance: 8 new accelerated climate actions you need to know about

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1. Traffic Demand Management

A timeline will be published for supporting the roll out of local traffic demand measures, such as congestion charges used successfully in places like London, Stockholm and Bergen to tackle local bottlenecks and cut emissions, with funds generated used to enhance local bus and other public transport. Fewer queues improves air quality, health and helps businesses save on journey times as we slash car use by 20%..  

2. EV Charge Points

A tripling of electric vehicle charging points will see 24,000 new stations rolled out across the country by 2030 so more people and businesses can go electric. There will also be new support for businesses, smaller operators and those on low income to switch, while major operators will also be the focus of new efforts to decarbonise freight.


3. Integrated Public Transport Ticketing

A new integrated system, similar to the Oyster card so popular with travellers in London, will make it cheaper and easier for people to travel seamlessly across Scotland’s public transport network including buses, ferries, trains and subway systems.

4. Four Nations

Efforts to bring all Four Nations together to tackle the climate crisis will see approaches to governments in Wales, Northern Ireland and whoever forms the next UK government at Westminster to establish a Four Nations Climate Response Group

5. Climate Assembly

Setting up a Climate Assembly will ensure people across the country have a voice on not just the climate crisis but the actions being taken to tackle it, and develop public understanding and awareness of the measures needed to reach net zero.

6. Taxation

Analysis of how non-domestic rates relief can support climate ambitions and encourage investment in zero direct emissions will be published this year, while a consultation on a new tax for large estates to encourage peatland restoration and tree planting will happen in summer. Further work will also look at introducing an aviation departure tax which will drive down emissions from flying, without impact to island services.

7. Rural & Farming

Moving to reduce harmful methane emissions from livestock by piloting the use of special feedstuffs will be piloted. Farms that get public funding will also be required to take climate action with efforts to use land to support nature, work on restoring peatlands and tackle harmful  deer grazing.

8. Industry

A just transition plan for Mossmorran along with Grangemouth will both help future proof the workforces with cleaner, greener jobs of the future, and  help decarbonise two of Scotland’s largest producers of harmful emissions. Work continues on a new Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan, and the climate compatibility assessments on major road projects continues.

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