Taking Local Climate Action

We know that tackling the climate emergency needs real leadership, ambition and action at a local level. This will require integrating climate adaptation and mitigation into all aspects of our life - not as an afterthought. Green Councillors will ensure that ambitious targets and plans are in place to become net-zero and, crucially, that action is taken in a way that considers the needs of all of society.

Since 2017 Green Councillors have

Secured unprecedented commitments to tackle the climate crisis

Led urgent action on the climate crisis

Stopped climate-damaging investment

Reduced waste


Setting targets for achieving net-zero is an important first step in tackling the climate crisis, but it is only the first step. Councils need detailed and ambitious plans for how to transform all aspects of their services and decision-making to achieve net-zero. This means doing things differently in planning, transport, waste management, housing and so much more.

We know this can be done in a way that helps local communities thrive, with warmer homes, people-friendly streets and better local services. Proposals for how we will achieve net-zero in all of these sectors are included throughout this manifesto.

Green Councillors will:


Councils have a key role to play in tackling the climate and nature emergencies in the way they manage land. Working with nature we can create places that are rich in wildlife, help us manage water and pollution sustainably and benefit people. This should be part of a long-term approach to working with nature but requires a radical change in approach now. Scottish Greens recognise that for people to thrive, they need nature. Green spaces within our cities, towns and villages should improve health and wellbeing, add value to our lives and provide places for wildlife to flourish.

Green Councillors will:


Scottish Greens are leading Scotland’s shift to a circular economy in government, banning single-use plastics, delivering record amounts for councils to support their recycling efforts and launching a major review into incineration.

Reducing waste with less packaging, encouraging more reuse and recycling means we can avoid incineration, save the cost and environmental impact of landfill and safeguard natural resources for the future. Council investment in bin collections and street cleaning is vital to make our neighbourhoods more attractive.

Green Councillors will:

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