Creating Communities For Everyone

Councils can help build our communities and create the places and neighbourhoods where we live. Green Councillors want them to be safe, green and attractive places. We will help to connect people with a thriving local economy and strengthen neighbourhoods with good services and celebrations of local identity.

Scottish Greens will keep pushing councils to take an approach to decisions, policy and funding which amplifies the voices of people with the most expertise on how to make our towns, cities and communities fairer for everyone

Since 2017 Green Councillors have:

Protected housing for all

Led urgent action on the climate crisis

Stopped climate-damaging investment

Championed sustainable transport


Scottish councils spend billions of pounds each year, directly into the local economy. But too often this money provides profits to big companies rather than investment for our communities, small local businesses and the third sector. Scottish Greens believe a thriving local economy is one based on what's good for people, not profit. Our economy should be sustainable, connect people with decent jobs and help to bind our society together.

Green Councillors will:


Our vision for housing is for good-quality homes that are truly affordable to buy, affordable to rent and affordable to heat. There should be more social housing, better control of rents and better management of the private sector.

Green Councillors will:


Our streets should be part of neighbourhoods and communities we can enjoy and be proud to call home. Streets within our cities, towns and villages need to be transformed, placing peoples' needs at the heart of our approach to transport and urban design, turning car-dominated places into spaces where people have priority.

Green Councillors will:


People and communities connect through council services like libraries, community centres and sport facilities. Festivals and gala days help us celebrate our local area and identity

Green Councillors will: