Scottish Greens hail overwhelming public support for disposable vape ban

It is time for politicians to catch up with public opinion and ban the sale of disposable vapes, says Scottish Greens health spokesperson Gillian Mackay MSP.

This comes as polling from YouGov shows that three quarters of people across the UK would support such a ban.

Last month Ms Mackay hosted a summit in the Scottish Parliament that called for a ban. It  brought together MSPs from across the chamber as well as medical experts, health and environmental campaigners.


Scottish Greens · Gillian Mackay MSP on the overwhelming public support for disposable vape ban

Ms Mackay said:

“These results are overwhelming. They show that more and more people are recognising  that disposable vapes are bad for our health and our environment, and that  they are blighting our high streets and communities.

“It is no wonder that so many medical professionals, councils and campaigners all over the country are calling for change.

“Public opinion is very clear. It’s time for politicians to catch up. I hope that Scotland can lead the way by ending the needless scourge of disposable vapes for good.

“In the meantime, I urge every retailer to listen to polls like this and consider if they really want to be contributing to this problem by selling these products in the first place.

“If retailers are not willing to stop selling disposable vapes then I would encourage them to ensure that, like cigarettes, they are hidden from public view and that they are always highlighting how and where they can be responsibly disposed of in store.”

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