Scottish Tory conference must open with an apology to Scotland

The Tories have no solutions for Aberdeen or Scotland.

The Scottish Tory conference in Aberdeen must open with a full and frank apology to the millions of people who have had their lives negatively affected by years of economic chaos and Tory misrule, say the Scottish Greens.

The Party’s economy spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, who represents the North East of Scotland, said: “The Tory conference will be an exercise in denial and a celebration of policies that have plunged so many people and families into poverty.

“They have given us a Brexit that they all know is a disaster, costing jobs, hiking prices and curbing our rights to live and travel in 27 other countries. They have given us the car crash of Trussonomics, which we are all still paying for. And they have given us a cost of living crisis, with bills and inflation hugely outstripping wages.

“If they have any contrition or dignity then they must open with a full and frank apology for the human cost and the pain they have inflicted.

“They have no solutions for Aberdeen or for Scotland. They are offering more of the same climate chaos and failed economics while pushing increasingly extreme and racist anti-migrant policies.

“The people of Scotland have rejected the Tories time and again, as I am confident we will do again this year when we go to the polls.

"We will be proud to stand on our record of climate action and social justice, with policies like the groundbreaking Scottish Child Payment and free bus travel for young people, which go far and beyond anything that they are offering.

“If Rishi Sunak and Douglas Ross want to know what the people of Scotland think of them and their vision then they must finally call an election and let us make a judgement on 14 years of chaos and misrule.”