Scotland can’t afford Tory economic incompetence

Commenting on the latest interest rates and predictions of recession from the Bank of England, the Scottish Greens Finance Spokesperson, Ross Greer MSP, said:

“The financial disaster that we are living through has been driven by the total failure and incompetence of Boris Johnson, and his Tory colleagues. How else do you explain Britain being in a position so much worse than comparable economies?”

“The public service cuts, reckless approach to Brexit and economic vandalism of Downing Street have taken a wrecking ball to our economy. All across the UK families are being forced to choose between heating their home or eating, all while the super-rich and major corporations are getting even richer.

“Neither Liz Truss nor Rishi Sunak can bring the change that we so badly need. They have supported every single one of Johnson’s failures, whether it is his disastrous Brexit deal, his cruel cuts to Universal Credit or his refusal to invest in renewable energy and reduce our dependence on gas. And now they're both determined to cut essential services even further while delivering tax cuts that disproportionately benefit their rich friends.”

“Scotland has endured 12 painful years of Tory rule that we did not vote for. We cannot afford any more. It doesn’t have to be like this. With the powers of independence we can take a different and better path and have a recovery that works for people and the planet, rather than another Tory recession.”