Rutherglen and Hamilton West can lead the change by voting for people and planet

People in Rutherglen and Hamilton West can send a vital message to Westminster.

The Scottish Greens Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election candidate Cameron Eadie has marked the final days of the campaign with a warning on the urgency of the climate emergency.

Mr Eadie has also announced that he will be joined by Scottish Greens Co-Leader Lorna Slater MSP in the constituency this Wednesday for a final evening of campaigning ahead of this crucial by-election.

Mr Eadie said:

“I am asking the people of Rutherglen and Hamilton West to put people and planet at the top of the agenda by electing the first ever Scottish Green MP.

“The Tories have been a disaster for our environment. The Rosebank oil field that they approved last week will have a devastating impact for decades to come.

“We need urgent climate action if we are going to have any kind of sustainable future.

“Every vote for the Scottish Greens on Thursday is a vote for action on the climate emergency and the cost of living crisis that the Tories have inflicted through years of cuts, cruelty and incompetence.

“As the MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West I would fight to remove the cruel two child benefit cap and rape clause whilst standing up for our environment.”

“A strong Green turnout would be the wake-up call that is so desperately needed if we are to take real climate action and tackle the scandal of child poverty.”

Scottish Greens Co-Leader, Lorna Slater MSP added:

“We can build a positive and better future for Scotland. The people of Rutherglen and Hamilton West have the opportunity to lead the change by voting for a Scottish Green candidate who will work for people and planet.

“As an independent country in Europe we could rebuild from the disastrous Brexit and do so much more to tackle child poverty. We could work with our neighbours to tackle the climate emergency, rather than be told by Westminster that it is no longer a priority.

“Cameron Eadie would provide a vital voice in Westminster. He represents a generation that is at the frontline of our climate crisis and wants to do things differently. The time to vote for the Scottish Greens is now.”

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