Scottish Green voices have never been so vital

Cameron Eadie speaks following the Rutherglen and Hamilton West By-Election

Scottish Green voices have never been so vital, says the Scottish Greens Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election candidate, Cameron Eadie.

The party has spoken to more residents than in any other by-election in its history. The result is a springboard for future elections and points strongly towards more Scottish Green councillors and MSPs.

Scottish Greens · Cameron Eadie says Green voices are vital

Cameron Eadie said:

“I have put tackling child poverty and the climate crisis front and centre of my campaign. These are the defining issues of our time and of our future.

“This was our party’s first time standing in this constituency and I am grateful to everybody who has put their trust in us and voted for our bold and positive vision.

“This is a great springboard for the Scottish Greens and one that we will build on as we approach the general election and the next Scottish Parliament elections.

“We have spoken to thousands of residents and put the climate firmly on the agenda. We have led the calls for the fundamental change that is so badly needed.

“This stands in stark contrast to a disgraceful, reactionary and increasingly extreme Tory government that is wrecking our climate and waging a vile culture war against LGBTQ+ people, refugees and any other minority group that they can punch down against.

“I congratulate Michael Shanks on his election. He has made some big promises and I hope that he lives up to his word and stands up to the Labour leadership on the brutal two child benefit cap that they have promised to uphold, as well as the disastrous Brexit that they have pledged to continue.

“Scottish Green voices have never been so vital. We will build on this important result and continue to fight for people and planet.

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