Recession is further proof Tories have failed voters 

Maggie Chapman MSP explains how the UK Government is bungling the economy and the impact that has on Scotland

Official figures showing the UK plunged into recession is proof the Tories are failing voters, say the Scottish Greens.

New data showed two months of the economy going backwards, including during the usually peak Christmas trading period, immediately after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appointed Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor.

Maggie Chapman MSP, the Scottish Greens economy spokesperson, said: “The Tories have failed the voters with their cack-handed approach to the economy. The country cannot afford to endure them in office a moment longer. 

“They are focusing on the wrong things, bungling the chance to invest in renewables and the green economy which would create hundreds of thousands of greener, future-proofed jobs, and caused millions of people to suffer higher bills and fall into debt.

“They are so busy spinning out anti immigration catch-phrases and trying to brainwash Tik Tok fans over their vile immigration policies, that they have taken their eye off the ball on what really matters to people.

“That’s heating and eating, making sure their children have a liveable future, making sure they have enough money to get to work or university, and being able to afford even basic supplies at the shops without turning to credit.

“There is no such thing as fiscal responsibility under this UK Government. They tanked the economy and it is ordinary people and the devolved nations who are being made to pay the price the most.

“Using our influence, and with the limited powers we have outside independence, Scottish Greens are doing all we can to mitigate this by raising the Scottish Child Payment, protecting renters, providing free bus travel for U22s and more.

“Scotland saw 40,000 new businesses start-up last year, employment in the private sector is growing in Scotland at a pace surpassed by only London, and our focus on building a green economy with social justice at its heart is resolute.

“What we really need is change. We must grasp the opportunity to vote this damaging Tory government out of office at a General Election.”



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