Johnson shame shows Tories can not be trusted

The party gate report underlines why Scotland should be able to elect its own government.

The Tories knew what sort of person Boris Johnson was when they made him Prime Minister, says Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman. 

Ms Chapman said:

“The party gate report is shocking and shameful, but not at all surprising. It underlines the scale of Boris Johnson’s lies and just how little we can trust the Tories.

“Boris Johnson is the least popular Prime minister in living memory. He's the most dishonest prime minister in living memory and the first to be suspended and banned from parliament. 

“But while the Tories are fighting with each other, we know that they are failing to tackle the crises that are facing our country: rising food costs, soaring interest rates and extortionately high energy bills. These are the things that people are really concerned about, and these are the things that the UK government should be focused on rather than tearing each other apart.

“The Tories knew what sort of person Johnson was when they gave him the keys to Downing Street and made him Prime Minister. They chose to overlook his many flaws. 

“They can’t be trusted to deliver for anybody across the UK, but particularly not for us in Scotland who have voted against them time and again, as I am confident we will for years to come.

“With independence we can ensure that we only get governments we vote for. We can use our powers to build a fairer and better society that goes against everything Boris Johnson and his Tory cronies stand for.”