Wed 22 Jun, 2022

Soaring inflation shows that the Tories can’t be trusted with the economy, according to the Scottish Greens economy spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP. Her comments come as inflation reaches 9.1%, the highest level for 40 years.

The Scottish Greens economy spokesperson, Maggie Chapman MSP, said:

"With soaring food prices, and skyrocketing energy bills, Downing  Street has overseen a cost of living crisis that is hammering families across the country.”

“These shocking inflation figures show that the problem will only get worse. A lot of people are really struggling, but Boris Johnson and his colleagues don't care. They are more concerned about the wellbeing of their cronies and their donors."

"After years of failures and bad choices, it is clear that the Tories can't be trusted with the economy. It doesn't need to be like this. With independence we can do things differently and build a fairer and greener economy that works for people and the planet, rather than one that is based on a toxic mix of cuts, austerity and deregulation."

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